Физичекая культура и начальная военная подготовка EN

Baydosova Aziz Abutalievna

1 Name: Baydosova Aziz Abutalievna

2 Education: -MKTU them. A.Yasaui (1995), specialty - teacher of chemistry and biology; scientific and academic degree - I do not have; It is the highest professional qualification of a teacher; Disciplines - therapeutic physical training, anatomy and basics of sports morphology; While working in this institution - 10 years

3 Academic experience: the previous place of work in the organizations of education - a teacher of chemistry at school, taught distsipliny- chemistry, biology; full employment


Shekerbek Saken Kurmangazyuly

1. Name Surname: Shekerbek Saken Kurmangazyuly

2. Education: South Kazakhstan's state pedagogical institute (2010)

    University SyrDarya (2016 )

3. Academic awarded: Master teacher

4. Academic Training: 2 years

5. No academic practice: No

6. Remuneration and proposals for prizes: a letter of thanks for active participation in the passage of the Accreditation Institute


Bataev Dulat Alshynbaevich

General information:

Date of birth : 09.12.1983г. ЮКО, Тюлькубасский district, sat down Даубаба

Nationality: Kazakh

Marital status: married, 1 son

Mr. Shymkent, Zhangeldina in., 5-building, 15-apartment

Cell Phone: +77079631983                    

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