Baymisheva Aiymhan

1 Name:Baymisheva Aiymhan

2Education: high, informatics, KGU of Korkyt ata (2003) - specialty: the  information scientist, ENU of L. N. Gumilev (2008) - the master the information scientist.

Teaching subjects: informatics, Theory and practice of database design, Innovative technology in teaching computer science

2012 years from fun of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, the department of computer science and teachers.


Kulzhataeva Kamila

1 Name: Kulzhataeva Kamila

2 Education: high, the SKSU named by M.Auezov (in 2000–2005), engineer-programmer;

3Academic experience: the master on computer facilities the SKSU named by M.Auezov (in 2005–2007);

4 Non-academic experience:

Southern Kazakhstan state teacher training college ( from 2009 to the present moment),


Lesbaev Agabek Userovich

1. Name Lesbaev Agabek Userovich

2 Education: SHO ICGS them. Yassavi, 1994, Master of Natural Sciences, SKSU im.Auezova, 2013, the senior teacher.

Subjects: Programming languages (Pascal, C ++, Java), Object-oriented programming (C ++, Delphi), Workshop programming languages C and Pascal, decision Olympiad problems in computer science, Web-programming in PHP, Structured Query Language SQL , programming languages of high and low level.


Shomanbayeva Manat Torgayevna

1 Name:Shomanbayeva Manat Torgayevna

2Education: high, mechanic, Moscow State University named by M.Lomonosov on the specialty «Mechanics», in 1976-1981,  Аспирантура of Moscow State University named by M.Lomonosov on the specialty «Mechanics», in 1982-1985, a candidate of physics and mathematics sciences(in 2008); senior lecturer in the SKSU named by M.Auezov, in 1999.


Nurmukhanbetova Gulira

1 Name: Nurmukhanbetova Gulira

2 Education: Graduate Degree, mathematician, КazGU named by S.Kirov (in 1980), a candidate of pedagogicals sciences (in 2003), associate professor (in 2011).

Teaching subjects: informatics, methodology of teaching informatics, programming, system programming.

Since 01.09.2014 she is working at the South-Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute, associate professor of department of "Informatics".


Adylbekova Elvira Tulepbergenovna

1 Name: Adylbekova Elvira Tulepbergenovna

2 Education: Higher, Mathematics and Informatics, Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical Institute (1996), candidate of pedagogical Sciences (2009).

Teaching subjects Numerical methods, calculation methods, programming, Internet, Web programming, application software, create a Web site in FrontPage environment.


Sarsenbieva Nagima Fayzullaevna

1 Name: Sarsenbieva Nagima Fayzullaevna

2 Education: high, mathematic, КazSU named by S.Kirov (in 1982), a candidate of Economic Sciences (in 2002), a docent (in 2010).

Teaching subjects: information systems; operation research;computing systems, networks and telecommunications; protection of computer information; cryptography, programming.


Amirbekuly Aldanazar

1. Name.  Amirbekuly Aldanazar

2. Education. Higher, mathematician - mathematics teacher, KazGU to them. S. M. Kirov (1973), PhD (1996), associate Professor (2000). to them.

3. Academic experience. Disciplines: computer science, theory of algorithms, teaching computer science, theory and practice of database design. In 1973 he started his career at the Department of algebra Shymkent pedagogical Institute as a teacher. From 1996 to 2010 - WebUI Department. Since 2000 associate Professor of computer science.

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