Turabay Nursultan Alnazarovich

1. Surname: Turabay Nursultan Alnazarovich

2. Education: higher

Academic degree: Master of Biology

Occupation: Biology teacher

Disciplines taught: Microbiology, Physiology of Microbiology, Cell Biology, Cytology and Histology.

Work experience in the organization: from the 2018-2019 academic year to the present

3. Academic experience: 1 year - University

From 2018-2019 He is a master at the Department of Biology SKGPU.

Disciplines taught: Full-time, Part-time: Full-time


Sartbaeva Gulnar Makulbekov

1.N.S. P. Sartbaeva Gulnar Makulbekov

2.Education: higher

scientific and academic degree: Candidate of Agricultural Sciences professional qualifications: teacher of chemistry-biology

disciplines: Zoology, Genn engineering, genomics, enzymology, Ecology, Age physiology and school hygiene.

While working in this organization:  with the 2013-2019 academic year to now

3. Аcademic experience : 19 years - in high school is

previous employment in educational institutions:      


Sartayeva Khalima Mamadzhanovna

1. Name Surname: Sartayeva Khalima Mamadzhanovna

2. Education: Higher

Scientific and academic degree: candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, acting professor.

Qualification: Biologist. Teacher of Biology and Chemistry.

Subjects taught: Invertebrate Zoology, Vertebrate Zoology, Herpetology, Evolutionary Doctrine

The period of work in this institution: from the 1988-1989 school year to the present.


Sarsembayeva Mariana Ualikhanovna

1. S.N.P.: Sarsembayeva Mariana Ualikhanovna

2. Education: higher

Academic and academic degree: candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor

professional qualification: teacher of chemistry and biology, 03.00.16-ecology;03.00.01-biology

Period employed: from 1194-2015 school year present.time

3.Academic experience: 25 years in the mater

previous work in educational institutions: Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named after M. Auezova,


Tursynkul Umurzakovich

Born 10.10.1948, Kazakh, Samarkand region,

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor.


Higher education - V.V. Kuibyshev Samarkand Agricultural Institute,1972.

Graduate School of the Kazakh Research Institute of Karakulevodstvo, 1972-1975.

Candidate dissertation - Samarkand, 1977.

Doctoral dissertation - Moscow, 1989.

Professor - Moscow, 1991.

Specialty - 02/06/01. - Breeding, selection, genetics of agricultural animals.


Mamytova Asiya Yrsimbekovna

Mamytova Asiya Yrsimbekovna

Place of birth: Kentau, South Kazakhstan

Date of birth: May 27, 1967

Marital status: married, has a daughter and two sons.

Higher education. Between 1986-91. Faculty of Biology, Karaganda State University.

Specialty: biologist. Teacher of biology and chemistry. South Kazakhstan State University

Address: st. Baitursynova, 75, Shymkent, Shymkent.



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