Kozykeeva Raykhan Abildaevna

1. Full name: Kozykeeva Raykhan Abildaevna

2. Education: Graduate, IKTU named by H.A. Yasavi (1994), PhD (1999).

Taught disciplines: Biochemistry, Methods of teaching chemistry in English, The technique of carrying out of school chemical experiment, School Chemistry.

Since 2011 associate professor of "Chemistry" at South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute.


Altayev Umurzak The Altaevich

Name: Altayev Umurzak The Altaevich

  1. Education: higher education, KazСTI (1977), candidate of chemical Sciences (1986), Associate Professor of "Chemistry".

Disciplines taught: General and inorganic chemistry, Chemical ecology, Physical and colloidal chemistry.

Since 2011 and currently works as an associate Professor of the Department of "Chemistry" in the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University.


Kerimbaeva Kulyash Zaurbekovna

      1  Full name: Kerimbaeva Kulyash Zaurbekovna

      2 Education: Higher, KazHTI (1985), candidate of technical sciences (2000).

    Teaching disciplines: “Theoretical Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry”, “Chemistry of Elements in the Periodic System”, “General Chemistry”, “Redox Processes”.


Baymuratova Zhaina Abylkasymovna

Name: Baymuratova Zhaina Abylkasymovna

1 Education: Higher, MKTU named after H. Yassavi (2004), SKSU.M. Auezova. Auezova Chair "HTNV" master of pedagogical Sciences (2019), teacher of the Department of chemistry.

Disciplines taught: Theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, General chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical and colloidal chemistry, Chemistry of elements,Theoretical basis of inorganic Chemistry.


Esenaliev Erzhan Torekhanovich

1. Name:  Esenaliev Erzhan Torekhanovich

2. Education: Higher, KazCTI (1994), master's degree of chemistry (2006y.). Taught disciplines: Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Criteria Assessment Technology, Organic chemistry of cyclic compounds.

3. Academic experience: In 2004-2012 y.y. teacher of department to Chemistry of the International Kazakh-Arabic university (now university of Otrar).


Baimakhanova Gulzhan Musabekovna

Name: Baimakhanova Gulzhan Musabekovna

1. Education: higher education, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (1987), Ph.D (1994), Associate Professor of "Chemistry".

Taught disciplines: Organic chemistry, Chemical Ecology, Physical and Colloid Chemistry.

Since 2011 and currently works as an аssociate Professor of the Department "Chemistry" in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.


Madybekova Galiya

S.N.: Madybekova Galiya

Position:   Аcting Professor of the Chemistry  department ,  

Degree: Candidate of chemical sciences on specialty: 02.00.11 – Colloidal chemistry and physical-chemical mechanics

Scientific projects:


Kenzheev Beibit 

Name: Kenzheev Beibit 

1 Education: higher; SKSPU (2009-2014), master of chemistry RSIU (2014-2016.));

Disciplines taught: theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, General chemistry, laws of chemical processes, chemistry of elements of the periodic table.

2 Academic experience:

- Since 2019 I work as a teacher of the Department of chemistry in SKSPU.

3 non Academic experience: -

4 Certificates: -



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