Orazymbetova Kulzada Shabdanbekovna

Surname.Name.Father's Name: Orazymbetova Kulzada Shabdanbekovna

Year of birth: 04.03.1958

Nationality: Kazakh

Marital status: married

Citizenship: Republic Of Kazakhstan

Education: Higher-Tashkent state University, specialty "Teacher of psychology" 1980.

Academic degree, title: Candidate of philosophy

Place, year of protection: Tashkent state pedagogical Institute named after Nizami, 1989 April.


Zhanbolatov Sattar Esbergenovich

Name: Zhanbolatov Sattar Esbergenovich

Nationality: Kazakh

Marital status: Married


Location: Shymkent 195 quarter, 16 Saule St.


Chimkent Pedagogical Institute named after M. Auezov with a degree in History and Pedagogy with the qualification of a teacher of history and social studies

1992-1995 MKTU named after A. Yasavi with a degree in Law with the qualification of Lawyer.



Umbetalieva Aksholpan Muratovna

Address: Shymkent city, street two-room number, house number 32
Mobile phone: 8 (776) 095-35-35
General information Educational institutions, work experience:
* Average 1986-1997 he Seifullina secondary school No. 4, p Seifullin Highest:
 * 1998-2004 – ICGS them.H. A. Yasavi, B. SC.
* 2006-2008-AIU, master • * Teacher "MCCLUSKY them.H. A. Yasavi", 2004-2008, Shymkent.

Aizhan Usipbekova Sutiakova

AUTOBIOGRAPHY Aizhan Usipbekova Sutiakova 1 October 1976, was born in settlements Shardara. In 1982, Shardara district, the farm "Sunrise", " Sunrise went to the first grade of secondary school, graduated from high school in 1987. In 1987-M to year.SKSU "Pedagogy and psychology" and a degree entered in 1998 graduated. In 2010 OPW University enrolled in the Department of master studies, in 2012 - "Pedagogy and psychology" have a degree.
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