Pazylova Almagul Sovethanovna

  1. Full name: Pazylova Almagul Sovethanovna
  2. Education: the specialty “Kazakh language and Literature”,   Almaty, KazSU, 1988
  3. Higher education Almaty, KazSU to the name of  S.M. Kirov
  4. The lectured disciplines: Syntax of the modern Kazakh language, normative Kazakh language, Professional Kazakh Language, Paperwork in state language.
  5. Academic method: Has been working in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical institute from 1988 year.
  6. Publication:


DMITRYUK Natalya V. - doctor of philological Sciences, Professor, graduated from the philological faculty of Shymkent pedagogical Institute (1972), where he works at the Department of methodology of Russian language and literature from 1974.

Ph.D. thesis "National-cultural specificity of lexical Association" defended at the Institute of linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Moscow, 1985).


Utembayeva Mаira Myltykbaevna

1. Utembayevaira Myltykbaevna

2. Education: teacher of Russian language and literature. (Pedagogical Institute M. Auezova ICGS 1993., TV-I № 193017)

  The second higher education: academic degree of Bachelor of Education majoring 5B010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology (Regional social and innovative university, diploma RC-B№0543725, 07/05/2013)

Art. Lecturer, Department of Linguistics.

Disciplines: "Russian language", "Methods of teaching Russian language"


Ukibassova Kalya Amanbekovna

1. Name: Ukibassova Kalya Amanbekovna

2. Education: higher, Kaz.NU ahter al-Farabi,1994, speciality:’ Kazakh language and literature’, diploma ZHB-N № 0000858 

3. Academic rank: candidate of philological sciences

 4.Qualification: teacher of  ’ Kazakh language and literature’

5. Taught subjects: General linguistics, Kazakh language, Issue introduction on state language, Professional Kazakh language.

6. Period of work in higher educational establishments: from 1994 till nowadays

7.  Work time : full time


Moldalieva Dinaida Abishevna

1. Moldalieva Dinaida Abishevna

2. Education: PhD, associate professor, a teacher of Russian language and literature of the Kazakh language and literature at the institute works with March 1974.

3. Academic experience: teaching disciplines: Russian language and literature, professional Russian, Kazakh language and literature,, clerical work in the official language, working full-time

4. The non-academic experience: the company or legal person, the name,


Sandybaeva Nurzhamal Anuarbekovna

1. Sandybaeva Nurzhamal Anuarbekovna

2. Education: The candidate of philological sciences.

Disciplines Phonetics of modern Russian language, lexicology of the modern Russian language

3. Academic experience:

YUKGMA, head of the Department of Russian and Kazakh languages (PKRYA)

CHF University "Kaynar", head of the department of linguistic disciplines (Introduction to Linguistics), full-time

4. The non-academic experience - there is no


Valentina Narozhnaya

1. Full name: Valentina Narozhnaya

2. Education: Chimkent Pedagogical Institute, 1974

A degree of professional qualifications: PhD, associate professor of the linguistic department of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institution

Subjects: historical grammar of the Russian language, the history of Russian literary language, the syntax of the modern Russian language, workshop on spelling and punctuation.

A period of working in the organization: from 1975 - present.

3. Academic experiences:


Altinbekova Gulzhan Kulzhabaikizy

Full name:   Altinbekova Gulzhan Kulzhabaikizy

Education:  the specialty “Russian and Literature at National School”,   Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named by M. Auezov, diploma with excellent TV № 763909, candidate of philological science.

Academic method: 2002-2013 The State Kazakh-Turkish University named by Kh. A Uasayu city. Shymkent chair of Russian language, senior teacher.

Certificates or professional registration:   Talent part in work


Mezentseva Yelena Sergeyevna

1. Mezentseva Yelena Sergeyevna

2. Higher education, candidate of philological science, senior lecturer.

The lectured disciplines: standard of speech, stylistics practical Russian language.

Has been working in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical institute from 1991 year.

Has been working on the linguistics chair as teacher from 2003 year.



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