Kanayeva Lazzat Saparbekovna


1 Full name: Kanayeva Lazzat Saparbekovna

2 Education: higher, English language teacher, International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H.A.Yasawi, 2001, Master of Translation studies, Abylaikhan Kazakh State University of International Relations and World Languages, 2006.

3 Academic degree: Master of Translation studies

4 Academic experience: full time

2001-2004 International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H.A.Yasawi, English language lecturer;

2004-2005 Almaty Institute of Power and Communication, English language lecturer (hourly employment);

2008-2011 Abay Kazakh National pedagogical university, English language lecturer (full time); 2011-2012 Academy of languages at the Kazakh university of Nation’s friendship (full time); 2012- up to present, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, English language lecturer

5 Non-academic experience: a company or a legal entity, a title, a brief description of the position (full-time, part-time work):

2005-2006 Ferroli-Service Company, Almaty, office manager (full time)

6 Certificates or professional registration: Certificate on passing of scientific training at Leiden university, the Netherlands according to the Program Bolashak, 2013

Certificates of participation and completion of teacher excellence programs, online seminars, scientific conferences, webinars.

7 Membership in professional organizations: None

8 Honors and awards: None

9 Activity in the service sector (within and outside the institution): None

10 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name, co-authors (if any), where it is published and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation:

1 The importance of Аction Research course in teacher training institutions. Международная научно-практическая конференция «Образовательная политика, практика и исследование» Назарбаев интеллектуальные школы, Астана, 2014 г.

2. Applying cooperative learning as an effective teaching strategy for English teaching, РНПК "Основа конкурентоспособного общества - учитель: Мәңгілік ел - вечное будущее новых поколений", Шымкент, 2014 г.

3. A framework for comprehensive foreign language learning objectives, РНПК, Формирование конкурентноспособной личности на основе полиязычного образования, посвященная 75-летию ЮКГПИ, Шымкент, 2012 г.

4. Елжандылыққа тәрбиелеудегі ата-ананың рөлі, "Қазақстан мектебі" научно-педагогический журнал №4, Алматы, 2010 г.

11 Briefly list the new professional, experimental-design activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental activities: None.

12 If there is a supplement, you can specify the important activities that are not mentioned in the list of resume: None.