Mezentseva Yelena Sergeyevna

1.     Mezentseva Yelena Sergeyevna

2.     Higher education, candidate of philological science, senior lecturer.

The lectured disciplines: standard of speech, stylistics practical Russian language.

Has been working in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical institute from 1991 year.

Has been working on the linguistics chair as teacher from 2003 year.

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-      Y.S. Mezentseva, D.A. Moldalueva. Dictum – edification as a fragment of linguistic realization of the ethnos: informal analysis of experimental researches// Messenger of Kokchetau State University named Sh.Sh. Ualihanov. Pilological series. – 3. – Kokchetau: KSU.-2013.- P.123-128.

-      Y.S. Mezentseva, N.V. Dmitruk. The features of Russian language culture in Russia and Kazakhstan existence and functioning. Problems of intercultural communication in up-to date society: international collection of treatise (Kazakhstan-Hungary) – Astana, 2014 – P.16-22.

-      Razakh associative dictionary (N.V. Dmitruk,  Y.S. Mezentseva….) Almaty-Moscow, 2014-330p.