Temirbekova Galiya Azatbekovna

1. Temirbekova Galiya Azatbekovna

2. Education: the specialty "Russian and Literature at National School", AGU of H.Dosmukhamedov 1995. Honors degree, candidate of pedagogical sciences (2008).

The taught disciplines – Innovative methods of teaching Russian, Russian, the Technique of teaching Russian

3. Academic experience: 1.09.1995 teacher of Russian and literature; Since 29.08 1998 the teacher of chair of Russian to SHI MKT of H.A.Yasavi.

4. Unacademic experience: 30.07.1997g. The methodologist of dean's office of philological faculty to SHI MKT of H.A.Yasavi.

5. Certificates or professional registration: no.

6. Membership in the professional organizations: party member of "Nour Otan", membership in KAZPRLIYA

7. Awards and awards: award (December, 2013)

8. Activity in a services sector: no.

9. The most important publications for the last five years:

1. Forms of classroom and out-of-class work in innovative aspect. MMNPK "Innovative technologies in science and education", devoted to the 100 anniversary of professor A. Baytanayev. – Shymkent, 2011.

2. Specifics of the organization of student teaching at philological faculty. The electronic scientific magazine with Impakt-faktor RINTs 0,093 "Modern problems of science and education". 2013, No. 6 – Page 19.

3. Course of lectures "Innovative methods of teaching Russian" Shymkent, 2012.

4. Bilingualism as ethnosociocultural phenomenon of the present. Magazine Messenger of KAZGYuU. Philological Sciences No. 13 series. – Astana, 2011.

5. Innovative approaches in training of future teachers. Materials of Republican scientific and practical conference "A basis of competitive society – the teacher: "Mangilik ate – the eternal future of new generations" Shymkent, 2014.

6. The text as didactic unit on language occupations in вузе.//Science and the world. Mezhdunarony scientific magazine, No. 2,2014. Impakt-faktor – 0,325 (Global Impact Factor - Australia)

7. The principles of selection of lexical material in the educational terminological dictionary.//Science and world. Mezhdunarony scientific magazine, No. 5,2014. Impakt-faktor – 0,325 (Global Impact Factor - Australia)

10. Briefly to list the new professional razrabotki:nt.