Kairbekova Ulbala Zhumatovna

1. Name: Kairbekova Ulbala Zhumatovna

2. Education: higher, Sh.P.I. after M. O. Auezov,1991, speciality:’ Kazakh language and literature’, diploma with exellence PV № 080870

3. Academic rank: candidate of philological sciences, docent

 4.Qualification: teacher of  ’ Kazakh language and literature’

5. Taught subjects:  Orthography and punctuation, Professional Kazakh language, Introduction in linguistics, Basis of language communication, Stylistics of Kazakh language

6. Period of work in higher educational establishments: from 1991 till nowadays

7.  Work time : full time

8. Academic experience: from 1991 in this institute

9. Non- academic experience: 1981-1986- secondary school, Tulkibas, Shymkent region

13.Awards: 2012 – diploma, grant

14.The main publications:

1. Cognitive Linguistics. Textbook. -Shymkent 2010

2. Methods of forming zoomorphic metaphors and especially the use of // 1-piece, with 257-260. -Shymkent, 2010

3. The semantic structure zoonyms Kazakh language // "Zhana Kazakhstan: Zhana ustaz. Zhana urpak. "Proceedings of the international scientific conference. -A., 2011.

4. Semantic group of phraseology with the keyword "Black // Proceedings of the international conference entitled" Message from the President and new research in the field of linguistics, "the I is. -w., 2012. 142-147 bb.

5. Conceptual particular phraseology in the works Zh.Aymauytova //

Collected materials of the international scientific-practical conference, Treasury, Almaty, 2012

6. Methodological bases of teaching morphology of modern Kazakh language // "Pedagogical competence" Republican Scientific-methodical journal. -Shymkent, 2013. №1, 119-124.

7. Features of the concept of "Fatherland" in poetry zhyrauov // Materials of scientific and practical conference «Basis of competitive Society is tutor» «Eternal country» is the future  of eternity of generation». 2 - chast.-Shymkent, 2014. c. 116-121.

8. Methodological guidelines for the Diploma // Shymkent, 2014. c. 42.

9. History of Linguistics (Tutorial) // Shymkent, 2014. -s.112.