5В010800 - Physical culture and sport

The objectives of the educational program on a specialty 5V010800- "Physical culture and sport" are formulated taking into account the content of JI and TUP-s, the requirements and demands of potential customers, and based on an assessment of demand for the educational program, which is determined by the interests of potential employers, students, potential students, requirements of state and society in general.Graduates 5V010800- "Physical culture and sport" to be prepared to address these types of problems:- Education - quality education and training of students;- Science - carrying out research on a high technological level;- Management - administrative tasks.Qualifications Bachelor degree 5V010800 - "Physical culture and sport".subject specific competences:- Communicative: master Kazakh, Russian, foreign languages, knowledge of the technology of communication, pedagogical rhetoric and conflict management, communication strategies, skills and abilities of constructive dialogue, communication in a multicultural, multiethnic and multi-religious society to be tolerant and capable of pedagogical cooperation;Special expertise:- Software: own system of subject, psycho-pedagogical and methodological knowledge, abilities and skills of application of theoretical knowledge in professional activity, taking into account the specific socio-pedagogical conditions; aware of the professional duty of the teacher, responsible for the results of pedagogical activity.Graduates 5V010800- "Physical culture and sport" can work in educational institutions and sports organizations.