5В010400 - Primary military training

General characteristics         The main consumers of educational program 5V010400 - "Basic military training" are the students enrolled in this educational program. In this regard, their educational interests and needs are fundamental in ensuring the educational process. To meet the needs of the individual in higher education training for this educational program is carried out in the state and Russian languages. Training time is the nature of variability: - On the full educational program on the basis of general secondary education - 4 years; - For reduced educational programs with accelerated training periods on the basis of secondary professional education - 3 years of study; - For reduced educational programs with accelerated training periods on the basis of higher education - 2 years of study. - On the full educational program on the basis of general secondary education, evening classes - 5 years.          For those enrolled on the basis of higher vocational education, the program only provides the training, that is only the study of basic and specialized cycles disciplines.         Currently, the number of students enrolled in the program is 54 students, of which full-time trained 38 people, in the evening - the department trained 14 people from the state educational grant trained 26 people on a contract basis - 26. The purpose of the educational program 5V010400 - "Basic military training" The purpose of the educational program 5V010400 - "Basic military training" is being implemented in accordance with the mission of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute and is associated with a continuous and systematic training of qualified teaching staff - teachers of basic military training, competent and competitive, with a strong civil position demanded by the labor market both in the region and in the whole country. Educational programs 5V010400- "Basic military training" is carried out in the structure of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute with the State license number 0142692 AB, recorded July 28 245-1958-01-RMSK number 110740004288 in the Committee of control in the sphere of education and science of the MES and the Department Justice of the South Kazakhstan region of the Ministry of Justice as a legal entity for an indefinite period, and all the provisions of the Law "On Education" dated 27.07.2007, № 319-III (as amended on January 14, 2014). The strategic objective is to form a model of continuous education through the training of highly qualified teachers of teachers of basic military training, and in providing the labor market competitiveness of graduates of the educational program. The educational format of the program is aimed at training teachers of basic military training of a new generation, capable of applying expertise in various organizations in education in accordance with the qualifying characteristics, and with professional competence to meet modern requirements. Qualifications Persons who have successfully passed the final certification for the development of a professional curriculum of higher education, is assigned to an academic degree Bachelor of Education 5V010400 - "Basic military training". Qualifications and positions are determined in accordance with the "Qualification schedule of managers and other employees" established by order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of 25.11.2010, number 385ө and "Model qualification characteristics of teachers and persons equated to them", approved by the Ministry Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 13.07.2009g. №338. Competencies Bachelor of Education majoring 5V010400 - Basic military training in accordance with the professional activities: - Continuously improve the military-educational, military and special, professional knowledge and skills and use them in their professional activities. - Possess knowledge in the field of psychology of creativity, the theoretical foundations of creativity, abilities and skills to rebuild the profession, to realize copyrights innovative ideas in education, to find creative alternative solutions, to be able to generate new teaching ideas and critical thinking to solve different types of problems. - Constantly improve and implement military-educational, military and special, professional knowledge and skills in practice. - Observe the educational process, analyze and establish causal relationships observed facts and phenomena to predict scientific nature of the problems in the professional field. - Analyze the characteristics of the class collective interests of the students, their attitude to the subject: - Analyze the study material and learning tools to predict the expected results; - Analyze their professional activities and learning activities of students; - Possess universal knowledge of scientific methods (analysis synthesis, induction, deduction, analogy, hypothesis, modeling, etc.). - To assess the need for resources in the creation and development of training facilities of basic military training. - Apply innovative teaching methods, own professional development by situational setting (use case technology or analyze professionally relevant case - the situation): - To reflect, using the methods of self-examination, samoopenki; - To generate ideas on a "brainstorming", heuristic conversation, synectics method: - Taking a group decision based on methods of group discussion, creative solutions (problem) task design (searchdesign, analytical, predictive, creative). - Use of information and communication resources (multimedia tutorials, electronic books, TV technology, the possibility of Internet network). - To conduct research activities, plan and carry out simple educational-methodical experiments: - Implement didactically effective research results in their professional activities. - Be able to work in a team, to build pedagogical interaction with a team of students, teachers working in the school, with parents. - To own techniques and methods of constructive solutions to specific educational objectives: - Be able to choose the meters from the best forms and methods of work outside the classroom in the subject; -be able to search for and build their own approaches to teaching and education through basic military training. - Take into account the experience gained, the objective laws of learning basic military training in the planning of training actions: - Plan their own professional actions from the standpoint of modern requirements for the content and organization of educational process in basic military training; - To analyze the results of and lessons visited; - To define methodological control objectives (diagnostic, correcting, training, controlling); - Select objects of control, set them corresponds to the level provided by the program; - To make, based on our analysis of the appropriate adjustments in the educational process.           - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the field of study, to be competitive in a professional manner to apply this knowledge and skills in an international environment.          - To be tolerant to the traditions and culture of other peoples of the world, education in the spirit of patriotism and friendship between the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan, respect for different cultures, traditions and customs.          - Possess the Kazakh, Russian, foreign languages, knowledge of the technology of communication, pedagogical rhetoric and conflict management, communication strategies, skills and abilities of constructive dialogue, communication in a multicultural, multiethnic and multi-religious society to be tolerant and capable of pedagogical collaboration. - To strive for professional and personal growth, acquisition, retention and promotion of health, on the basis of physical culture and the principles of a healthy way of life. - Use of normative and legal documents in the organization and conduct of basic military training and military-patriotic education of youth. - Providing the possibility of self-discovery and self-realization, the use of various teaching technologies, creation of favorable conditions for self-education and vocational training adapted to the new economic, social, political and cultural situations.         Bachelor of Education majoring 5V010400 - Basic military training is required to be aware of the social importance of their future profession and the high-ideological, methodological and scientific level to conduct classes in basic military training and military-patriotic education of students to foster their love of respect for the profession of a defender of the motherland, discipline, sense of duty , take care of their physical development. - Assessed methodological positions problems and processes of social life of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to recognize the value of the national culture, respect and protection of the historical heritage and cultural traditions of all peoples and ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan. - Be able to take the initiative and find organizational and managerial solutions all sorts of problems: - Be able to express and justify their position on the choice of methods for solving tasks - Possess organizational skills; - To be flexible and mobile in a variety of conditions related to professional activities; - Be skilled in the decision-making of economic and organizational nature in conditions of uncertainty and risk.           Professional activities           Bachelor of Education 5V010400 - Basic military training can perform the following professional activities: - Education;- Experimental research;- Organizational and management;- Socio-educational; - Training and upbringing; -uchebno-technology.