5В010600 - Musical education

Music education in the educational program of the Department of MES 28.07.2011 №0142692, №682 Instruction is carried out on the basis of the state license series AB.


5V010600 a degree in music education, academic degree - Bachelor of Education degree in music education, qualification: music teacher training.


4 years of secondary education (full-time)

5 years of secondary education (evening)

3 years of secondary vocational education (full-time, abbreviated)

2 years of higher education (distance, speed)


Bachelor of music degree in music education graduate education degree. Graduates of this specialty can perform the following functions: music teacher, the class teacher, musical and artistic works, music and the art of propaganda.


5V010600 bachelors degree in music education can perform the following activities: general education schools, lyceums, gymnasiums music lessons, on the basis of the socio-political and cultural life of the country in implementing the plans of the organization of extra-curricular musical and artistic events, different types of educational establishments young among teenagers, cultural, educational, musical works, using modern information technologies, based on the scientific work of the organization, according to the students 'age and the individual typological features of pedagogical experiment to monitor the development of the students' music teacher.


The task of the department of music education in the preparation of highly qualified specialists. Therefore, the future music teachers, in theory, to learn a variety of vocal and musical instruments: the methodology of music education, music, psychology, history and folklore of Kazakh music, world music history, choral conducting, choral workshops, the main musical instrument and instrumental training, singing, more musical instruments, folk musical instrument accompaniment class, the orchestra celebrated class lectures.