5В010500 - Defectology

5В010500 Defectology

Duration: 4 years.

The sphere of professional activity - the process of training and education in specialized schools and kindergartens (aimed at children with visual impairment, hearing loss, musculoskeletal system, in violation of the intellectual development).

object professional activity 5V010500-specialty Defectology: educational institutions such as public and private; specialized preschool and educational institutions; rehabilitation centers; correctional offices; social protection and health protection; research organizations.

Types of professional fctivity  bachelor specialty 5V010500 pathologist:

- Organizational and technological (the selection and use of methods of work with children with developmental disabilities)

- The management and production (therapist, trainer, head of general education and pre-school specialized institutions);

- Design;

-research (especially researches  correction process, training and education of children with disabilities);

- Pedagogical (oligophrenopedagogs, surdopedagogs, tiflopedagog, teacher, speech therapist, social worker in special educational and preschool institutions);

- Diagnostic - consulting (diagnosis of children with disabilities, advisory work with parents of children with disabilities);

- Agitation and education.