5В011100 - Informatics

The main purpose of the educational program of Bachelor of Education majoring 5V011100- Informatics• education in the spirit of patriotism and friendship between the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan, respect for different cultures, traditions and customs;• formation of human, social and personal values;• Formation of ecological, physical, ethical, legal culture and a culture of thinking;• Bachelor of language training;• formation of the fundamental knowledge and skills needed in the profession.Basic competence• be able to apply information and communication technologies in teaching activities at the level of a skilled user:• programming using modern tools to impart knowledge to students.Special competence• Create a quality person providing special deep-empirical and theoretical knowledge and skills of theoretical and practical actions on the theory and technology of training to computer science, for innovative teaching technologies that meet the urgent task of the national education system:• be skilled in the acquisition of new knowledge required for professional daily activities.The qualifying characteristic of Bachelor of Education majoring 5V011100-Informatics Sphere of professional activityBachelor of Education majoring 5V011100-Informatics carries out his professional activities in the field of educationObjects of professional activityThe objects of professional activity of education in the specialty 5V011100-Informatics are:• organization of pre-school education and training;• primary, basic and profile school;• specialized school;• organization of technical and vocational education.Objects of professional activityThe subject of professional activity of the Special Education 5V011100-Informatics are:• the educational process in the unity of its values ​​and targets, the contents of methods, forms and results;• Research, Innovative, informational and analytical activities in the field of computer science, applied mathematics, pedagogy, psychology and teaching methods.Professional activitiesBachelor of Education majoring 5V011100-Computer can perform the following professional activities:• education;• experimental research;• organization and management;• socio-educational;• teaching and upbringing;• teaching and tehnrologicheskuyu.Functions of professional activityBachelor of Education majoring Informatics 5V011100-prepared to perform the following functions:• teaching of computer science in educational institutions, in accordance with the objects of professional activity;• implementation of the pedagogical and educational activities, including the use of modern teaching and information technology;• carrying out extracurricular activities in computer science;• effective use of information and communication technologies for their own work and self-study