5В011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages

5B011900 “Foreign language: two foreign languages”

           At the very  beginning of one’s life and career every man and woman feels how the gap in foreign language education affects his professional progress.

Businessmen, sportsmen, lawyers, doctors, journalists facing the challenges of modern globalization are eager to find someone who could teach them at least one foreign language. And the Department of Foreign languages in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute has been successfully training such specialists for more than 15 years. The profile 5B011900 “Foreign language: two foreign languages” allows getting the degree “Bachelor of Education”.

On receiving this degree the graduates live and work almost in every spots of the world from Thailand to America as the range of the professional activity objects is wide:

  • pre-school education organization;
  • establishing pre-school education;
  • initial, main and profile school;
  • specialized school;
  • technical and professional education organization.

The Department employs the latest methods and techniques in teaching, the range of subjects is widening every year, and the teachers though having already got scientific degrees are constantly increasing their qualification. This is the place where any young man may find his interest.