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Last Tuesday, the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University hosted an online seminar " Actual problems of education (distance educational technologies)", which was attended by the Director Of the center for additional physical, mathematical and natural science education of TSPU Mikhail Alexandrovich Chervonny.

The purpose of the event was to exchange experience in the use of distance learning technologies in the educational process. The seminar was opened by acting rector SKSPU Sugirbaeva Gulzhan Dauletbekovna. She welcomed all the participants, updated the experience of distance learning of the University and its principles of organization in Kazakhstan.

The seminar was attended by speakers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and Lithuania. To organize communication, the Webex Meetings platform was used, which was used in an interactive format with feedback, which allowed participants to exchange presentations, demonstrations of organizations ' web pages, as well as to illustrate systems developed by universities for remote work with students.

In his report, M. A. Chervonny presented the experience of organizing distance schools and educational courses for students of the center for additional physical and mathematical and natural science education of TSPU with the remote participation of students of the faculty of physics and mathematics. High interest of representatives of educational organizations of the higher education system of the near and far abroad was aroused by the experience of providing TSPU with unique remote work opportunities for organizing and conducting distance courses and classes in physics and mathematics, including those focused on the development of children's abilities and talents.

Participants also discussed a number of issues related to the organization of students ' education, exchanged views on the use of various online platforms for the implementation of the educational process of pedagogical, linguistic, economic, physical and mathematical profiles. Interest was aroused by the experience of organizing pedagogical practice, providing methodological, subject and technical assistance organized by pedagogical and other universities for institutions of national school education systems, including by students — future teachers studying at senior courses of universities. In addition, the moderator's report updated the issues of career guidance and admission of applicants to pedagogical universities.