Department of Physical education and initial military training

          In July 2011, by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute was established. At its base, a number of faculties began to operate in popular specialties. Including the faculty of "Sports and Art". The Dean of the Faculty was appointed candidate of pedagogical sciences, Professor Temirkhanov MT, as part of the faculty, the Department of Physical Culture and Sports launched an active activity. Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor N.B. Shegenbaev, managing him, made a great contribution to its formation and future development as an independent separate and integral link.

          In 2013, the faculty was transformed and became known as the faculty of "Physical Education and Military Training". The candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor K. Nakhanov was entrusted to lead the updated structure. As for the department, the changes affected her too. It was renamed the Department of Physical Education and Initial Military Training, slightly changing the range of directions. The candidate of pedagogical sciences U.Z. Turiskulov was in charge of it.

          From 2015 to 2018, the department was part of the professional and creative faculty. Since September 2018, a new faculty of "Physical Culture and Sports" was created. His dean was appointed candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor U.Zh. Turiskulov. The faculty has earned two departments. One of them in the direction of physical education and initial military training today is in charge of the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor A.M. Ispaniyarova. Now the department employs 17 people. Of these, 1 - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, 5 - candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, 5 - masters, senior teachers, 4 - senior teachers, 2 - teachers. The scientific potential of the department is 40%.

In the specialties presented at the department, 426 students study, of which 167 receive knowledge on the basis of state educational grants.

The department carries out the preparation of bachelors of education, masters of scientific and pedagogical direction in the following specialties:

1. 6В1402 - "Training of teachers of physical education and sports"

     5В010800 - "Physical Culture and Sports"

2. 6В1401 - "Training of teachers of primary military training"

    5В010400 - "Initial military training"

3. 7M1402 - "Physical Culture and Sports"

     6М010800 - "Physical Culture and Sports"       

The faculty, along with the theoretical training of students, conducts a high-quality educational process, attracting trainers of sports schools. There are also sports facilities for various sports. As a result of hard work, our students achieve great success in national and international competitions. The level of their preparation allows us to make forecasts and soberly assess potential, boldly planning high prospects.

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The staff of the department contributes to the preparation of highly qualified, competitive and sought-after specialists in the labor market, whose knowledge meets recognized international standards. Moreover, students and graduates achieve significant results in the sports field, actively speaking at the Asian and World Championships. Undoubtedly, their victories are the successes of the whole close-knit staff of the department and faculty.

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Workdays of the Department of Physical Education and Initial Military Training