The department of physical education and basic military training

Department of "physical education and basic military training" was formed in 2015 within the Faculty of "Physical Education and Military Training"

The department:

1. 5V010800 - "Physical Culture and Sports"

2. 5V010400 - "Basic military training" Bachelor prepare for these specialties.

Currently head of the department performs activities Ph.D., a lecturer U. Y. Turyskulov. The department teaching staff is 13 people. Of these, 2 - PhD, Professor, 2 - PhD, associate professor, 1 - Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, 1 - k.teh.n., Senior Lecturer, 6 senior teacher and 1 teacher. The scientific potential of the department is 46%.

In this specialty are trained 335 students, including 107 students learn to for state grants.

5V010800 - "Physical Culture and Sports"

By 5V010800 specialty - "Physical Culture and Sports" teaching staff along with the teaching of theoretical knowledge, working together with the coaches of sports schools training quality, and there are sports facilities and sports facilities for various sports. Because of this, our students achieve high results at national and international competitions.

Staff of the department contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists in accordance with the advanced world are needed in the labor market. Students participate in the championships of Asia and the world and achieve good results.

In particular:

- The winner of the World Championship in shooting champion VII - Summer Universiade, world-class athlete 4th year student Elizabeth Korol’.

- The winner of the international tournaments, the Asian champion, the champion of Kazakhstan, winner of the Universiade, world-class athlete in archery, 4th year student Saydieva Louise.

- Silver medalist at the world champion among young people of Kazakhstan and Asia, world-class athlete in karate, 4th year student Tuzel Taukehan.


Saydieva Louise World-class athlete, a student group 108-82

Lunin Elizabeth World-class athlete, a student group 108-82.


Tүzel Taukehan World-class athlete, a student group 108-12


The graduates received a bachelor's degree 5V010800 - "Physical culture and sport" can work:

- A teacher of physical training to carry out practical, educational, sports, health work

- Organize and carry out as coach of the sports activities in pre-school and school organizations

- In the course of training, provide training tools and methods based in terms of science.

- To hold competitions and refereeing for physical culture and sport.

Speciality 5V010400 - "Basic military training"

The Department of Education bachelors majoring 5V010400 - "Basic military training".

Objects of professional work of the bachelor of education 5V010400 - "Basic military training" are:

- Schools of secondary education;

- Average obscheobrazova¬telnye schools, boarding schools;

- Gymnasiums and lyceums;

- Vocational and technical schools;

- The administrative authorities of education.


Team "Aibyn" specialty "Basic military training" during the opening of VI Republican subject Olympiad


Rewarding team "Aibyn" specialty "Basic military training" took second prize at the VI Republican subject Olympiad (KSU named E. A. Buketov).

For the preparation of highly qualified specialists and for the implementation of the educational process at the appropriate level, the department is equipped with the material and technical base, including the parade ground, the town fire and tactical training, campus emergency and civil defense room to store weapons audience teaching methodology CWP obschevoynskih Charter and patriotic education and training obschevoyskoy. Sufficient equipment of military equipment and the equipment allows to improve the efficiency of the learning process.

The department successfully operates the military-patriotic circle "Jas Sarbaz."


Members of the group "Jas Sarbaz" during exercise


Teachers and students of the department while attending a gala event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the end of the Afghan war