Shinazbekova Sholpan Sagidullaevna.

Full Name: Shinazbekova Sholpan Sagidullaevna.

1 Education:  higher 1977 - 1982 the Kazakh state University, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Professional qualifications: chemist, chemistry teacher

Disciplines taught: analytical chemistry, chemistry, laws of chemical processes

Time and period of work in this organization (for the last 5 years): from September 2019 associate Professor of "Chemistry" Department of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.

2 Academic experience: in 1988-1998 engineer, post-graduate student, teacher of the Department of analytical chemistry Kazhti. From 1998-2019 teacher, senior lecturer, Associate Professor of Chemistry Department of South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

Disciplines taught: analytical chemistry, General chemistry.

3 Non-academic experience:  -

4 Certificates: Institute of advanced training at KazSU named after Al-Farabi. Certificate No. 5072, G. 10.12.2016

5 Membership in professional organizations-Yes

6 Awards and prizes: in June 2018, she was awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of Health For labor for achievements in the field of healthcare and science, education of youth. Not once, was encouraged by cash prizes and gratitude for the high results in the work.

7 Activities in the service sector : not available

8 The most important publications and presentations of the last five years:

1. Analytical chemistry. Textbook. - Shymkent, 2015. - 324s.

2. Educational and methodical manual for laboratory classes in analytical chemistry. Shymkent, 2014. 192c.

3.The role of communication skills in the use of Dialogic learning technologies. Sh. S. Shinazbekova, S. K. Patsaev, L. A. Dildabekova international scientific and practical conference, Uralsk, 2014.

4. Phytochemical and pharmacognostic study of Asian mint. International conference of young scientists and students, Bulletin of SCSFA Shymkent, 2014.

5. The study of the chemical composition and the study of extractive substances by infrared spectroscopy. Including Shinosaka, K. B. Mahalov, A. K. Patsaev.  Vestnik of SKSPHA, Shymkent, 2015.

6. Study of psoralea drupacea bunge flora of southern Kazakhstan V. S. Shinazbekov, A. K. Patsaev, G. A. Kadishaeva. Vestnik of SKSPHA, Shymkent, 2015.

7. Pharmacognostic analysis of spleen plants. Sh. Vestnik of SKSPHA, Shymkent, 2015.

8. Research of amino acid composition of oregano plant growing in southern Kazakhstan sh. S. Shinazbekova, B. K. Mahatov, A. K. Patsaev. Vestnik of SKSPHA, Shymkent, 2016.

9. The selection and establishment of the structures of the secondary metabolites of Astragalus Turchaninov. Sh. Vestnik of SKSPHA, Shymkent, 2016.

10. Study of cytotoxic activity of psoralea drupacea flora of southern Kazakhstan. Sh. Vestnik of SKSPHA, Shymkent, 2017.