Kozykeeva Raykhan Abildaevna

1. Full name: Kozykeeva Raykhan Abildaevna

2. Education: Graduate, IKTU named by H.A. Yasavi (1994), PhD (1999).

Taught disciplines: Biochemistry, Methods of teaching chemistry in English, The technique of carrying out of school chemical experiment, School Chemistry.

Since 2011 associate professor of "Chemistry" at South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute.

3. Academic experience:

In 1994-1999, senior laboratory assistant of the department of organic and physical chemistry of the International kazakh-turkish university named by H.A. Yasavi.

In 1995-1999, PhD student of the department of physical and colloid chemistry  at SKSU by name M.O.  Auezov.

In 1999 - 2008 senior lectur at the department of organic and physical chemistry of the International kazakh-turkish university named after H.A. Yasavi.

From 2008 to 2011, assistant professor of "Chemistry" at IKTU named after H.A. Yasavi, Academic innovative university.

            From 2011 to 2019, assistant professor of "Chemistry" South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.

4. The non-academic experience: - No

5. Certificates: - no.

1. in August-December 2016 finished in the center of language training of Shymkent city on the program of training in English Pre - intermediate.

2. In March-June 2017 in KazNU named Al-Farabi passed "Pre-intermediate A2 training course for teachers of chemistry and biology of universities in accordance with the state program".

3. 13,14,15 December 2017 on the basis of SKSPU in the framework of the program " training of domestic and foreign specialists in pedagogical specialties on the basis of international standards in the field of management and training in the amount of 20 academic hours on the topic "trilingual education".

4.         28 September 2018 graduated in the framework of updating the content of secondary education of Kazakhstan developed by Center of pedagogical skill of AOO "Nazarbayev Intellectual schools", educational professional development programme faculty of higher educational institutions engaged in training teachers in the framework of updating the content of secondary education of Kazakhstan in the amount of 80 academic hours.

6. Membership in professional organizations: yes

7. Awards:

1. badge of the 20th anniversary of Astana on may 20, 2018

2. December 15, 2019 badge in honor of the 80th anniversary of SKSPU

3.  was encouraged to cash prizes and gratitude for the good results at their work.

8. Activities in the service sector: does not work.

9. The most important publications:

1. ”Competence approach in modern chemical education " Kozykeyeva.R. A. the Journal of SKSPU No. 2, September 2018.

2. ”Education is the beginning of spiritual revival" Kozykeyeva.R. A Baymakhanova.G. M. center for modernization of education in Astana. Collection of materials of the Republican contest "Ulagatty-ustaz" 2018.

            3. "Environmental education and education in chemistry lessons" Kozykeyeva.R. A. international scientific and practical conference " globalization, current state and prospects of competitiveness improvement”, Zhetysay с. 2019, 389-393 Pp. 527-530

            4. "Environmental problems-one of the most important problems of life", collection of scientific articles of the international scientific and practical conference "Modern educational trends, a look into the future-Baitanaevskie reading-7: " Kozykeyeva.R. A.", Part II, Shymkent 2019, pp. 389-393.

            5. International scientific and practical conference "Formation and development of teacher skills" Kozykeyeva.R. A., Baymakhanova G. M., shaimerdenova M. "Baytanaev readings-4: prospects of modern education in Kazakhstan: reforms and development" SKSPI April 8, 2016.

            6. "Application of information technologies in chemistry lessons" Kozykeyeva.R. A Baymakhanova G. M., Koblanova O. N. journal of the Bulletin of SCPI 2016 January

10. Brief listing of new, professional development, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental-design developments: -