Baymuratova Zhaina Abylkasymovna

Name: Baymuratova Zhaina Abylkasymovna

1 Education: Higher, MKTU named after H. Yassavi (2004), SKSU.M. Auezova. Auezova Chair "HTNV" master of pedagogical Sciences (2019), teacher of the Department of chemistry.

Disciplines taught: Theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, General chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical and colloidal chemistry, Chemistry of elements,Theoretical basis of inorganic Chemistry.

2 Academic experience:

-chemistry teacher of the Shymkent University; College "Milicent" with SHU in 2004 and 2005.

- teacher of chemistry YUKGFK 2005-2010.

- chemistry teacher of South Kazakhstan specialized boarding school No. 1 for gifted children with training in three languages, 2010-2018.

- Deputy Director for educational work of school No. 130 2018

- Professor of chemistry and English at the College of SKSU.M. Auezova. Auezova 2019.

- since 2019 I work in SKSPU as a teacher of the Department of chemistry.

3 non academic experience: -

4 certificates: -

5 Membership in professional organizations: Yes

6 Awards and prizes: 2013-diploma of RSCP "Daryn", 2012, 2014, 2018 was awarded a diploma of the South Kazakhstan regional Department for labor achievements in the field of education and science, youth education. Not once, was gratitude for high results in work.

7 Activities in the services sector: does not work

8 most important publications and presentations in the last five years: 4

  • «Study of the process of  hydrophobization components of  FEP»- ICITE

Magazine, November 28, Shymkent 2018; baymuratova Zh. А, Kambarova G. A., Nazarbayev U. B., A. A. Sadenova, Abbrasive P. A.

  • «Study of liquid complex fertilizer based on TFK with manganest and cobalt microelements» Scientific works of SKSU.M. Auezova M. Auezova No. 5 (50) SKSU 2019. G. A. baymuratova, Zholdasbaeva S. U., Kambarova, G. A., S. A. Sadenova
  • "Ammonium phosphates: physical and chemical properties, technology of production and application" scientific works of SKSU. M. Auezova No. 1 (49)

OKMU 2018 baymuratova Zh. a., Kambarova G. A., Sadenova A. A., kydyralieva.

  • "Chemistry sabatina Bilim beroud belsand formulary" TEACHER of the NATION.     Almanah Magazine. Republican scientific and methodical creative journal. April 2019, No. 4 (36)
  1. Participation in the development of a scientific project on the educational program 2020-2021