Kenzheev Beibit 

Name: Kenzheev Beibit 

1 Education: higher; SKSPU (2009-2014), master of chemistry RSIU (2014-2016.));

Disciplines taught: theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, General chemistry, laws of chemical processes, chemistry of elements of the periodic table.

2 Academic experience:

- Since 2019 I work as a teacher of the Department of chemistry in SKSPU.

3 non Academic experience: -

4 Certificates: -

5 Membership in professional organizations: Yes

6 Awards and prizes:

7 Activities in the services sector: does not work

8 the most important publications and presentations of the last five years:

 - "Application of aliphatic compounds in modern technologies" - RSIU 2015 kenzheev B. Marhabaev I.

- "Development of nanotechnology in Kazakhstan" - RSIU 2015 kenzheev B. Marhabaev I.