Userbaeva Banu Abdrayymovna

Name: Userbaeva Banu Abdrayymovna

1 Education: Higher, MKTU named after H. Yassavi (2000), Academic Innovation University, Master of Science (2011), teacher of the Department of Chemistry.

Teaching disciplines: Theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, General chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical and colloidal chemistry, Chemistry of elements, Theoretical basis of inorganic Chemistry.

2 Academic experience:

Chemistry teacher general secondary school No. 48, 2000-2008

- Lecturer in Chemistry SKPU, Department of Chemistry –Biology, 2009-2016

-YUKMU named after M. Auezov, doctoral studies, department of "CTNV" 2016-2019

-Since 2019 I have been working at SKGPU as a teacher in the Department of Chemistry.

3 Non-academic experience: -

4 Certificates: -

5 Membership in professional organizations: yes

6 Awards and Prizes: 2013 - Diploma of RSCP "Daryn", 2012, 2014, 2018 was awarded a diploma of the South Kazakhstan Regional Department for labor achievements in the field of education and science, youth education. Not once, I was grateful for the high results in the work.

7 Service activities: does not work

8 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: 4

1. "Aluminosilicates sorbent negizindedelgen phosphorite agglomerattardy physicist-chemical ере rekshelikterin zertteu" - Khabarshy. Қазақ –Britan techniciansқ university. August, Almaty, 2018; Userbaeva B.A., Tleuova S.T.

2. “Tables of aluminosilicate materialdardan sorbentter alu processesin zertteu” - Khabarshy. Қазақ –Britan techniciansқ university. August, Almaty, 2018; Userbaeva B.A., Tleuova S.T.

3."Development of acid activation the bentonite clays in sorbents preparation for purification of phopshorus –containing slimes" Internatinalization of higher education. Methodology of teaching technical and humanitarian disciplines in the context of globalization of higher education "" Scientific journal of the modern education "research institute Brussels Belgium. Userbaeva B.A., Tleuova S.T., Tleuov A.S.

4.“Study of the process of obtaining sorbents from bentonite clays using industrial wastes”. Actual problems of applied sciences jornal world 10 (2018) 18-27 International Conference. Userbaeva B.A., Tleuova S.T., Tleuov A.S.

5. "Process of obtaining sorbents from bentonite and refractory clays using industrial wastes." - Oriental journal of chemistry. An International Open Access, Peer Reviewed Research Journal. 2019.