The «Professional education and fine arts» department was founded in 1956 the "Theories and Techniques of a Professional education", 1969 the department "Fine arts and drawing" is created which trained teachers for comprehensive schools.

The department was headed by the senior lecturer E.M.Kan. Owing to a set of a large number of students was created art and graphic faculty I. U. Kadeev was appointed which head. In formation and development of department L.F.Zhilyakova, Yu.I.Skorodin, Z.V.Pochukayev, Yu.I.Lomakin, Zh. I. Halmuratov, K. Tastimirov, and also doctors of pedagogical sciences, professor K.E.Eralin, I. S. Smanov, U. Ibragimov, A. K. Niyazov, M. Zh. Tanirbergenova, S. K. Beysenbayev, candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors K. Tastimirov, L. N. Pavlovsky, H.I.Mikhailidi, S. N. Zhanbyrshiyev, Zh. Zh. Beysenbekov, Zh. S. Koshenov, S.R. Matayeva, T. S. Burkitbayev,  M.S. Sarsenbayev, K.A. Duysenbayev, S. K. Beysenbayev, A.B. Saipov, S. A. Zholdasbekov, candidates of pedagogical sciences Yu.S.Suyazov, A.Ya. Anarbekov, K.T. Nazarbekov, D.K. Poshayev, E.D. Meyrbekov, S.A. Moshkin, Yu.N.Kamalov.

Now the head of the department is C.Ped.Sci., senior teacher Baybatshayeva A.E.


Now the educational program is provided with the highly skilled faculty of department having basic education, presented by 2 doctors of science, the 3nd associate professor, 4 candidates of science, 2 doctor of PhD, cultural figures of PK 1, 7 masters of sciences. The anchor of department makes 50% of percent.

       Currently the sub-faculty is a Republican center of teaching methodical unification of the specialties 5B012000- “Professional teaching  (bachelor)”,  6M012000- “Professional teaching  (magistracy)”, 6D012000- (doctor PhD) by the specialty  “Professional teaching”.

The department prepares bachelors of specialty 5B012000- “Professional teaching , 5B010700 – Visual arts and drawing, 6В01404 –Training of an art teacher and drafting, 6В01406 –– Training of a teacher of professional teaching, 6В02101 –– Design, Master 6М042100 –– Design, 7М012000 –– Training of a teacher of professional teaching , 7M02101 - Design, 7M01404 -Training for an art teacher and drafting, doctoral studies 7D012000 (PhD doctorate) in the specialty " Professional teaching ", 8D010700 (PhD doctoral studies) silenosti "Fine arts and drawing".       


Material and technical basis


Currently, the department has 25 specialized training workshops and laboratories for processing wood, metals, fabrics, cooking technology, equipment and devices for cars, electrical engineering and academic drawing, painting, arts and crafts, workshop of national needlework, design basics, etc. d.




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