Educational work

Student achievements and educational work.

On October 4, 2019, in honor of Teacher’s Day, a concert program called “The Great Teacher” was organized on C-block Square, organized by 1403-19 tutors and students of the group.

Vice-rector for educational work of the North Caucasus Pedagogical University, candidate of philological sciences A. Baygutova and dean of the faculty, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor M. Tanirbergenov conveyed their wishes and congratulations to veteran teachers.


On October 10, 2019, mentors and students of groups 106-16, 106-17 took part in an educational event with the concert program "Day of the Elderly" in the Shymkent City Veterans House and the Center for Special Social Services No. 8.


Ailez N., a student of the group 106-15k, won the Grand Prix of the regional competition “Tugan Zherim Turymy” in the nomination term.

In December 2018, a group of 106-16 students of Nurpop Diana took part in the Republican games of the Higher League, organized by the "Union of Kazakhstan KVN", and won the "vice champion".

The student 106–15 of the group Smandiyar Ainur was awarded a letter of thanks for her contribution to the charity event “Beauty of Beauty”, organized by the Tak-Ser Society of Disabled People and Shymkent-Kind People.

A competition was held in the capital, organized by the South Kazakhstan regional branch of the public association "Kazakh Society of the Blind", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the capital of Astana. Smandiyar Ainur was awarded a letter of thanks for the contribution of the development of the Blind Society for high performing art.

Smandiyar Ainur took part in the III Republican song festival “Two Stars” among blind and visually impaired people, organized by the Public Association of Disabled People “Zhetysu Shaba”, and took third place.

Igor Barabanov is a student of the c106-16 group, took 1st place at the International Festival-Competition among youth, adolescents and adults.

The best in the field of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karsybayev Aiman ​​Musakyzy held a creative evening in the regional philharmonic society.

Student of the group 106-15 Smandiyar Ainur won first place in the nomination “Askaktay ber, Astana” in the regional competition “Sharykty, Shalkar Shabyty” organized by the Turkestan special library for blind and visually impaired citizens.

For the best performance at the Miss University 2018 contest, organized by the student administration of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University, student of the K106-17 group Seytbek Camilla was awarded the title of Miss University 2018 and the diploma of the main prize.