Training methodical work

Educational and methodical work

2017,2018,2019 academic year provision of the Department with documents defining the content of education (standards, standard curricula, standard curricula, curricula, catalog of disciplines).

Educational program 6B01403-music teacher training (bachelor's degree), educational program 7M01403 - teacher training of music education (master's degree), typical training programs in the specialty 5B010600-music education (2015, 2016, 2018). The catalog of disciplines is made and included in the automated program "Univer".

Syllabuses were increased in disciplines and distributed to students. For all disciplines, subject teachers have developed complex subject complexes in accordance with the requirements of the QMS.

Information on teachers ' professional development

 The Department conducts systematic work to improve the skills of teaching staff.

For the 2017-2019 academic year, master teacher Isabekova G. T. completed courses in the amount of 232 academic hours on the training program of the teaching staff of higher educational institutions for the training of teachers, developed on the basis of standard training programs for teachers of Kazakhstan (Astana 15.10-27.10.2018); master teacher Isabekova G. T. According to the program of training of the teaching staff of higher education institutions for teacher training, developed on the basis of educational programs of professional development of pedagogical workers of the RK, in the amount of 232 hours (Astana 19.11-30.11.2018 g); senior lecturer Kirilova R. T., master teacher Tagaev I. K. program of advanced training "Orleu" from 01.04. on 17.05.2019 on the basis of SKSPU


     On the 1st half of the 2019-2020 academic year Isabekova A. T. took part in the training seminar "preparation of the report on the self-assessment of higher education institutions in the framework of institutional accreditation" Shymkent 22.11.2019 (Registration number number A-0801).

The use of teachers of the Department of new active innovative teaching methods and multimedia, open lessons, mutual visits, results and assessments

Teachers of the Department of music education, taking into account the fact that the use of innovative methods increases the level of students, form clear, informed knowledge, introduce a number of innovative methods into the educational process.

Teachers fully provided the educational and methodical part of the educational process.  At a high level, the ability of the teacher to communicate with the student, to make demands was formed. The main elements of professional quality activities and qualities of teachers: culture of speech, culture of communication, pedagogical ethics, pedagogical skills meet the requirements of the University.