Scientific work

Research works

1. Scientific works

Scientific and personnel potential of the department of “Music education”: the department has 20 teachers, including 1 doctor of science, 2 candidates of science, 2 cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 “excellent person in the field of culture” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 8 master's degrees-senior teachers, 4 - senior teachers. The scientific degree of the department is 40%.

The direction of the department in research work:

“Innovative development” of Kazakhstan in the context of the fundamental and applied foundations of musical, cultural and creative knowledge.

In the 2018 calendar year, 51 articles were published in this direction in various publishing  journals. Of these, in journals with a high Impact factor - 2 articles: Dosbaganbetova A.T., Karsybaeva A.M. "Problems of development of the perception of national instrumental music at the early school age and ways of their solution"; Alena T. Dosbaganbetova "Axiological aspects of the development and innovation environment and the educational environment."; 8 articles in journals of near and far abroad, 8 articles in international conferences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 26 articles in the republican scientific-practical conferences.

In the 2018 calendar year, according to the educational work of teachers, 1 manual, 4 textbooks were published: I.М. Kulenova - “Elementary Piano Course” study manual; I.M.. Kulenova - Guidelines for the discipline "Special Instrument (Piano)" for students of the specialty 5В010600 - "Music education"; Isabekov G.T. - “Bolash music ұғ alіmіnіn kәsіbi sheberlyіgіn қalyptastyrudyң-psihologlylyқ Sharttar” teaching aid; Baybatyrova Ұ.A., Kenenbaev S.N. - "Kazaktyk dәstүrli әn Ony" tutorial; Les M.K., Karsybayeva A.M.- "Prima Kobyz ben Byyl Kobyzna arnalkan 5B040500-" Aspaptyk Oryndau "Mamandy boyys studentterge arnalkan hrestomatiya."

Achievements of teachers of the department

03/07/2018 - Senior Lecturer Master Sh.S. Arystanova was awarded a jubilee medal - "80 years of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute"

05.10.2018 - Senior Lecturer Master A.M. Karsybayeva was awarded to the Day of Teachers with a medal - "80 years of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute"


Scientific research work

Scientific - personnel potential of “Musical education” department:

The department consists of 24 teachers. They are: doctor of sciences -1, candidate of sciences – 8, honored figure of RK culture - 1, excellent figure of  RK -2, masters – 6, senior teachers – 6. Scientific degree of department – 48%.

            Scientific research direction of department:

“Fundamental and applied bases of  musical and cultural –creative education in the context of innovative development of Kazakhstan”.

In these directions:

In 2013 academic year 30 articles have been published in different publications (journal). They are: with impact factor journals -1, journal of high attestation commission (HAC) -4, other scientific journals -8, in foreign and neighboring countries journals -14, Republican scientific –practical conferences – 3 articles.

In 2014 academic year 43 articles, 2 manuals and 1 study guide have been published. They are: in HAC journals – 4, neighboring countries’ journals – 1, International scientific –practical conferences – 22, Republican scientific –practical conferences – 16 articles.

In 2015 academic year 39 articles have been published in different publications. They are in foreign countries’ journals -10, scientific journals – 4,  International scientific –practical conferences – 13, Republican scientific –practical conferences – 12 articles. And 3 manuals have been published too.

Achievement of Professorial teaching staff (PTS) 

In 2014 academic year senior teacher B.A. Ismatov and master A.T. Dosbaganbetova  have been awarded by a medal the “ Excellent figure of culture”.

In 2015 academic year senior teacher M.S. Tulegenova have been awarded by the acknowledgement letter for training student of 5B010600 – “Musical Education” specialty, “Methodology of musical training” subject, on the 4th RK HEI (High education institutions) student Republican subject Olympiad which was organized in Zhetisu State university named after I. Zhansugurov, Taldykorgan town.

In 2016 academic year master – senior teacher A.S. Baigonova has graduated the advanced training course of level program and has received the certificate.

Scientific research work of students

Scientific research work of students are performed on these directions:

1. Independently or with the leadership of research supervisor

2. Writing thesis or term paper

3. Selecting the students’ scientific research works and reporting in annual scientific practical conferences.

85-90 percent of students participate in annual conference at the level of institute.

106-11 group students A.A. Usenobaeva and Y. Atygaev have been awarded by the 3rd place diploma of the ministry of RK on the students’ scientific-research republican competition.


The students’ participation in RK and other HEI subject Olympiad: 106-10 group student A.Rustemova has received the certificate for participation inm the Methodology of music subject Olympiad. Which was organized by Zhetisu pedagogical university named after I.Zhansugurov in 12.03.2014 year.


Students’ “Art” scientific creative circle of Musical education department carries out the activity according to the plan. The members of circle are 18 active students.