Zhussipova Gulmira

1. Zhussipova Gulmira

Date of Birth: 22.04.1970

Nationality: Kazakh

Education: higher

2. Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences

Professional qualifications: 14.00.07 – hygiene, physical education teacher

Senior Lecturer, Department of Physical Education

Disciplines taught: physical education

Period of work in this organization: between 1994 - 2010, from 2019

3. Academic experience: total pedagogical experience 32 years, 26 years in universities

Previous occupations in educational institutions:

  •   Since 2020, a senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Education of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.
  • 2019-2020 Head of the Department of Career Guidance and Employment of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University;
  • 2018-2019 Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Biology, IHTU, Shymkent.
  • 2017-2018 Dean of the "Natural and Technical" Faculty of IHTU, Shymkent;
  • 2016-2017 Vice rector for Academic Affairs, IHTU, Shymkent;
  • 2011-2016 Dean of the "Natural and Technical" Faculty of IHTU, Shymkent;
  • 2010-2011 Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, IHTU, Shymkent;
  • 2009-2010 Head of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Ecology, International Humanitarian Technical University, Shymkent;
  • 1995-2009 Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Biology, SI IKTU named after H.A. Yasavi, Shymkent;
  • 1993-1995 Chemistry teacher at the secondary school named after S.Seifullin  Belyie Vodi village, South Kazakhstan Region;
  • 1991-1993 chemistry teacher, school №9, Osakarovka village, Karagandy region.

Disciplines taught - Botany, taxonomy of higher plants, taxonomy of lower plants, introduction to biology, anatomy and morphology of plants, age-related physiology and school hygiene, BCH ..

Full-time or part-time: full-time

4. Non-academic experience: company or legal entity, name, brief description of the situation (full-time, part-time work) - none

5. Certificates of professional development indicating the date or professional registration:

  • Certificate for participation in the training seminar “Preparation of a report on self-assessment of a higher educational institution within the framework of institutional accreditation”, 22.11.2019 Shymkent;
  • Training completion certification of Elsevier training for Increasing Research Effectiveness via ScienceDirect and Scopus on 30 april 2019;
  • Certificate of participation in Course Programm Personnel Management in period from 15th to 24th January 2019 and the academic internship at AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. Krakow, 25.01.2019 ;
  • Certificate of training "Management and staff motivation in the university system", December 2016. ALEM Development Center;
  • Certificate for participation in a seminar to improve the level of innovative management in the regions, the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Shymkent;

Certificate for conducting classes on the theme “Study of the biology of flowering and seed productivity of wild fodder plants of Central Asia” from 05.10.2017 to 19.10.2017, Tajikistan,


  • Certificate of professional development under the program "Modern Trends in the Development of Higher Education", from 14.04.2015 to 16.06.2015, Siberian Institute of Continuing Further Education, Omsk, Russian Federation.;
  • Certificate (PRE-INTERMEDIATE) that from 01.11.-20.12.2016 (240 hours) passed the advanced training at the Institute for Advanced Studies and Further Education of KazNU named after Al-Farabi, Almaty 2016
  • Certificate (Upper- Intermediate B2) in the period from June 12,2017 to September 2,2017 attended the 360-hour English courses at al-Farabi kazakh national University, Almaty 2017

6. Membership in professional organizations: none

7. Awards and prizes:

  • Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 15, 2017;
  • Certificate № Kb-A41 approved by the decision of the Public Association "Qurmet-AB" № 01-0003 from 01.08.2013 «BILIM BERU ISININ’ UZDIGI» medal awarded 08.12.2017, Shymkent;
  • Certificate # Hgty-12 of the “Qurmet-AB” Public Association of SKR approved by decision No. 01-0009 of 29.09.2014. Medal “EREN EN’BEGI UShIN”, 06.04.2018, Shymkent;
  • Medal "SAUAP" for Charity, approved by the decision of the Board of the Association of Veterans of Afghan War "VETERANS OF KAZAKHSTAN" from 04.07.2014;
  • GOLDEN HEART medal for the care of veterans by the decision of the Board of the Republican Association of Veterans of Afghanistan “Veterans of Afghanistan” February 15, 2018;
  • Letter of Appreciation from Director of the Branch of JSC "State Corporation “Government for Citizens”"in Shymkent, Isabekov D.E., Shymkent, 2019;
  • Letter of appreciation from the akim of the city of Shymkent A.Zhetpisbaev,2011;

8. Activities in the service sector (within and outside the institution) - none

9. The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the title, co-authors (if any), where it was published and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation

  • Implementer of the project of the Department of Agriculture of the Akimat of the Turkestan Region “Implementation and distribution of technological processes for the production of dried cow milk in the conditions of KH Turan, Turkestan region” (under budget program 019) 2018-2019;
  • 2014-2015 "Technology for wastewater treatment and reuse in oil refining" (senior researcher), (within the framework of the Technical task under the contract No. 1 dated 09.01.2014)
  • Mariana Ualikhanovna Sarsembayeva, Kanat Nurullaevich Sarsenbayev, Kulzada Mergenbayevna Lakhanova, Gulmira Tyrduevna Zhussipova, Assiya Udurysinovna Mamytova “Development of technology to replace garlic with food raw materials from Ferula foetida in Central Asia and Russia.” European Biotechnology Congress 2019, 11-13 april, Valencia, Spain. Journal of Biotechnology Impact Factor: 3,163; 11-13 april, 2019
  • Sarsembayeva MU, Aitbayeva AE, Khalikova GS, Zhusipova GT Online conference “Determining the growth and germination of hardened barley grain.” the international popular science magazine "Science and Life of Kazakhstan" 2019
  • Sartayeva H.M., Sarsembayeva M.U., Zhussipova G.T.,Zhapparbergenova E.B., Sartbayeva G.M. “Investigation of ecological-biological and biochemical features of ferula (Ferula assafoetida) in natural populations of Southerm Kazakhstan European” Biotechnology Congress 2018, 26-28 april, Athens, Greece. Journal of Biotechnology Impact Factor: 3,163 26-28 april 2018
  • Khalila A.N., Zhusipova G.T., Saparova Zh.I., Mamirova N.A. Studies of the spread of anaplasmas by serological reactions. “ISCIENCE” Actual scientific research in the modern world, Collection of scientific papers, Issue 11 (31), Part 4, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky November 2017.28-31
  • Halila AN, Zhusipova GT, Uskenov B. "Investigation of the Effect of Temperature on the Harmonization of Sexual Hormone Antigens to Erythrocytes by Amidol," Zharshi Magazine 2010.
  • Zhusipova G.T., Tokhanov M.T., Ermakhanov M.N., Menlikulova A.B., Zhorabaeva N.K. “Innovative technology for the production of a tablet form of dry shubat from camel milk”, “Successes of modern science” journal No. 1 (part 2) 2015
  •  Zhusipova G.T., Seytkarimov A., Zhorabaeva N.K., Tulepova F.K. “Biological features of the growth and development of Calligonuma in culture in the south of Kazakhstan”, «Science of XXI Century: A New Approach» Proceeding of the XI youth international scientific- practical conference of students and young scientists 30-31 October 2014, Saint- Petersburg, 2014., pp.32-36

10. Brief listing of new professional, development projects, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development projects: none

11. If there are additions, then you can indicate those important activities that are not marked in the resume list: none