Dosbaganbetova Alena Turebekovna 

 Мәдениет саласының үздігі RK, Head of the chair.


The South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute

Faculty of new technologies and art

History and achievements  of the chair "Music education"

The chair was founded under the name «music section» as a part of faculty "History" of the Southern Kazakhstan regional teacher training institute named after M.Auezov in 1973 and then it was joined to the chair of «Pedagogic of primary school ». The chair was managed by prof. E.A.Agmanov. For the first time in 1973-1974 educational year faculty "BOP" was opened V.I.Beloglazov B.N.Beglov were appointed as the head of the chair. In 1977-1981 it was founded the chair of « Melody and singing» it was headed by B.N.Mukhamedkalieva. As a part of chair teachers worked: В A.N.Nurymov, U.K.Tazhibaeva, N.P.Kovalenko, L.Vasilenko and others. In 1981-1982 educational years the chair was a part of the chair «Pedagogics and a technique of teaching of natural disciplines in primary classes». In 1981-1987 years of U.Z.Zharkynbekov,  in 1988-1991 E.I.Bajdabekova managed the chair. In 1981-1990 B.N.Muhamedgalieva in 1990-1992 P.Momynuly supervised the section.

In 1992  September  the chair «cultural leisure work» was founded and  P.Momynuly has been appointed  as the head of  the chair. The first teachers of the  chair: U.K.Tazhibaeva B.N.Muhamedgalieva. B.Azhibekov. A.Nurymuly. S.S.Zhaksybekova B.Ismatov.

In 1994 the specialty 0614 «the Organization of cultural-leisure work»  was changed  to following specialties, in 1999 031740 «the Melody and singing», in 2003 "Music education", in 2004 050106 "Music education", in 2009 5В100600 "Music education".

Heads of the chair: in 1994-1996 of A.N.Nurymov, in 1996-1998 of D.A.Kemeshov, in 1998-2003. S.Zhaksybaev, 2003-2007 of K.A.Shojnbaev, in 2007-2011 A.Zh. Utesheva , 2011-2013 L.S.Aripbayeva, in 2013-2014 "Music education" -A.Zh.Utesheva, "Music instruments" -I.M.Kulenova. since September 1, 2014 the department of "Music education" – I.M. Kulenova. since October 21, 2015 to the present day- A.T.Dosbaganbetova.

There are: 05010600 Music education of GOSO RК 3.08.256-2006г. (Bachelor degree), 050106 Music education of GOSO RK 3.08.256-2044. (Bachelor degree)

5В010600 (050106) –

Students finished the specialty “Music education” can execute following professional positions: the teacher of music in secondary schools, the class teacher, the organizer of musical artworks, the propagandist of musical art.

Every academic year the chair makes the plan of research work and the plan of a scientifically-methodical seminar. Among teachers there are experts who can be the sample of professionalism and talent to the students. Teachers and students of the speciality music education are prize-winners of many creative competitions. For example: the senior teacher S.Zhaksybekov in 1995 of the  international festival "Moscow", the winner  of Republican «Zhiger-88», regional "Ukilim-ai", owner of medal for valorous work, art worker RК.

 The folklore ensemble "Kazygurt» organized by the students of competition of the  song  named after  S.Kaldajakova in 1998, owner of  ranks «Ensemble of year», the main prize-winner of the competition «Kazgurt – my song»;

The senior teacher A. Karsybaeva is the prize-winner of Republican ensembles as a part of folklore ensemble "Kazyna", owner of the diploma of 7th republican competition  named after Kurmangazy in 2008, owner of Grand prix of republic competition кобyz players in 2009, the student of republican competition кобyz players  named after Ykylas, owner of the  nominations «the  Gold leader“ for making the contribution to  regional music art, owner of Grand prix of the international competition the one of project Planet of talents in 2015;

The senior teacher U.Bajbatyrova is the winner of competition «Russian romances-2003».

Our graduates:  A.Zhorabaeva – is the winner of competitions «Voice of Asia», "Discovery", "Alexandria", the diploma of the international competition «Slavic market», owner of  Grand prix of the international competition «Amber star», owner of gold medal the championship «skill-executor»  spent in  Hollywood, owner of  the state youth award "Daryn", art worker of RК; winners of international competition A.Zhienbekova, A.Adihanova, B.Kazhymukanov, A.Zhaksybekov, S.Seitimova, K.Aimurzaeva, T.Dauytov, D.Ismailov.