Educational work

Group 1201-19, curator of the group Kulanbaeva G. K. Curatorial hour on the theme " Message of the President. Kazakstan 2020: a clear path to the future " 03.10.2019

"In connection with the spiritual revival, a special concert program for first-year students" 16.10.2019

Open curatorial hour on the theme "at the head of greatness, the teacher, the one who grew up wise will understand". Group 105-18, 105-28. Curator of groups Zhapparova G. A. 29.10.2019

Curatorial hour on the theme "Healthy lifestyle-the key to the health of the state". Group 1201-29, curator of the group Bakbergenova A. S. 9.11.2019

A festive event dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great genius Abay Kunanbayev.11.12.2019 g

The flag raising ceremony was held on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 13.12.2019 G.

The 4th year students visited the exhibition on the theme "Spiritual morality, universal and national values". Responsible teacher Suleyman A. K..20.12.2019 G.

Opening of the Student house No. 5 of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University. 24.12.2019 G.

Specialists of the autistic center "ASYL Miras", created by B. Utemuratov, came and held an informative meeting. 6.12.2019 W

On October 18, 2018, the Pedagogical and humanitarian faculty held a presentation of the collection of poems by Akmaral Leubayeva "SENIN ATYN ZHAKSY ADAM". The guests of the evening were Omir Shynybekuly, Beisen Tazhibay, Galymzhan Elshibay, Marzhan eszhanova, Anar Zhapparkulova and friends of the poet in art and graduates of the Shymkent pedagogical Institute 1992-1993 y.

Students of group 101-17 specialty 5B010100-preschool education and education on April 30, 2019 held an open educational hour "Tatulyk-dostyktyn kieli Belgisi", dedicated To the day of unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan. At the educational event, representatives of different nationalities United under a single Shanyrak, demonstrated national and cultural values of representatives of different nationalities, sang songs, danced, showed various scenes filled with traditions and customs on the national holiday. To raise the mood of the gathered students were asked interesting questions and presented gifts. The teacher of the group Suleyman a. K. and the counselor for educational work Ayapova B. A.

 "Nauryz – ulttyk merekam" festive event

Date: 20.03.2019

R-n: 320B

"March 22-Nauryz holiday»

NAURYZ is an ancient holiday. The life of most peoples of the world traditions of celebrating Nauryz-if the place in the image in the historical Museum. This feast was called the ancient Greeks "Patric", birmili "celebration of water" Tajiks "Gul Gardon", "Baisheshek", "Glarus", harizmati "nousagi of" Tatars "nardugan", Buryat "Sagaan Sarah", soggily "Nayarit" the Armenians "of Navasard", Chuvash "Noris Oahe".

The event was organized by the 105-26 group. During the event, the students showed their national customs and traditions, showed their stage skills, and took an active part. Among the traditions and customs were staged "besikke Salu", "tusau kesu", and the audience were presented with gifts.

The presentation of:

Educational work with students, faculty регулярно6 планамерно7
So, for example forces gr 101-15 event was held on "Til –trasty yyyy" devoted to Day of languages

Doslidnogo education at the Institute of defectology and of the Department
Prevedeno festive event "Teacher – servant of the eternal light", devoted to day of the teacher. The event was comprised of all the students of the faculty

September 30, 2016 held an event «Respect for the language – respect for the people» timed to the Day of languages of Kazakhstan’s people. The event was  organized by students of multilingual groups 105-25a, 101-15a department of pre-school education and defectology.