Turyskulov Umirali Jusupovic

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Turyskulov Umirali Jusupovic

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports, SKGPU

Contact details

E-mail: turyskulov@mail.ru

Tel.: 8-702-567-50-30

Scientific degree, scientific school:

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, specialty - 13.00.01 - General Pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education, ethnopedagogy.

(Diploma No. 0001604 dated 18.03.2008 , protocol No. 4)

Associate Professor, specialty pedagogy, (Diploma No. 0001860 from 09/23/2010, protocol No. 8).

Research interests: innovative processes in the field of pedagogy, valeology, physical education and sports.


Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named after M. Auezova, specialty: physical education teacher, graduation year 1989

Courses taught: Courses taught: Theory and methodology of physical education, Introduction to the specialty of physical education, Age features of training in selected sports, National sports, Dene shynytyru zhne sports management.

Examination of scientific projects, programs, etc.

Member of the expert commission of the educational and methodical section of the faculty and examination test questions at the department of FC S.

Professional experience:

Professional experience:

Total work experience 36 years

experience of scientific and pedagogical work-18 years.


2018 - to the present, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports, SKGPU;

2013 –2018 Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Initial Military Training, SKGPU;

2010-2013 Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sports;

2007-2010 - Senior Lecturer, Department of Physical Culture and Sports, International Kazakh-Turkish University. A. Yasawi;

2004-2006 Deputy for educational and scientific work of the Faculty of Ecology, educational work of the Faculty of Education,

2008 Deputy Faculty of Sports and Arts for Academic Affairs

2002-2006 Lecturer, Department of Humanities, International Kazakh-Turkish University. A. Yasawi;

Publications (favorites):

A total of 60 scientific papers were published, including 4 teaching aid, 2 study guide, 2 monographs.

- technology of using national games in physical culture lessons. Bulletin of SKSPI No. 3, 2015.  

- pedagogical conditions of professional training of future teachers of physical culture. Materials of International scientific-practical conference" Tolegen of Aybergenov taking Alem " on 14 and 15 November 2016.

- the essence of information and communication technologies in the modern education system. Pages 48-52. International Scientific and Practica lConference "WORLD SCIENCE" No. 6 (22), Vol.4, June 2017

- Using "LESSON STUDY" in a lesson to improve learning and learning together. Pp. 69-72. Science and life of Kazakhstan international popular science magazine No. 3 (46) 2017.

- Technologies for building scientific activity of students. UNITED-JOURNAI No. 3, 2017.

- psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional orientation of high school students. pages 170-173. science and life of Kazakhstan international popular science magazine No. 6 (50) Astana 2017.

- transparency of consciousness in the formation of communicative competence of future teachers. Collection of scientific articles of the International scientific and practical conference "10 steps to the fourth industrial revolution: opportunities for enriching human capital". Section I. Shymkent-2018.

Further training, internships:

Refresher course at the State Enterprise "National Scientific and Practical Center of Physical Culture" 72h. Astana, 2012, 2015