Training methodical work

Educational and methodical work

South Kazakhstan state teacher training college


Department of preschool education and defectology

Educational and methodical work

The department trains experts in 2 specialties:

5В010100-Preschool education and training


Educational and methodical works are carried out at department according to the approved plan made on the basis of institute and faculty plans.

     Professor of department - for the purpose of increase of informative activity of modern teachers and students, conduct open lessons with introduction of interactive forms of education.

According to the plan, in the first half 2015-2016 academic years at department carrying out 2 open lessons is planned. The schedule of open lessons has been accepted at faculty meeting (protocol№ 1, 27.08.15). This plan has been implemented completely, quality of open lessons, responses about level at faculty meetings (protocol№ 5, 21.12.15) recommendations, in the special magazine of registration are analysed and made.

       Associate professor, Candidate of Philology R. Kazhiakbarova. A B. 3course in group "101-13" have conducted an open lesson on the subject "Small Expressive Reading Genre of a Folk Music". Open lesson "If We...", strategy: "If I am a storyteller...." the end, end to the world of the fairy tale has shown ways of any imagination of the child of preschool age.

Besides, the master-teacher U.ZH.Kydaybergenova has conducted an open lesson on the subject "General Underdevelopment of the Speech" in the subject "Fundamentals of Logopedics" with students of group 105-15. During a lesson it was used: with application of technologies, an explanation "training criticalto thinking, the developing training" conversation, a question-answer. The course of open lessons have been discussed at faculty meeting.


The lesson at associate professor R. B. Kazhiakbarov in 101-13 group

     In the first half 2015-2016 academic years 13 occupations of mutually visit of teachers which have been executed in time have been planned. Including 9 lectures and 4 practical occupations. The created occupations of mutually visit are carried out according to the schedule,participate at lessons, the magazine for an occupation assessment is filled in. The schedule of mutually visit of occupations is approved at the beginning of a year at faculty meeting (protocol №1, 8/27/2015).

In the first half 2015-2016 academic years teacher. A. Zhapbarova in "Yurley" has completed advanced training courses of pedagogical workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 R. B. Kazhiakbarova has taken part in Astana, in the school developed together with Nazarbaev Intellektualnye the center of Pedagogical skill of AOO with faculty of Formation of the Cambridge university (23.11.-05.12.2015). also  has received the certificate.

Indicator of educational and methodical work at professors-teachers.

      For the I half-year 2015-2016 academic years at department an educational and methodical grant

Zh.A. Masaliyeva and A.B. Mustafayeva "Application of a method of a mnemonics in development of the speech of children of preschool age", Zh. A. Masaliyeva and Zh.T. Batyrkhanova an educational and methodical grant of "Exercise for development of small motility of fingers of the child", A. A. Sultanbekova and U.ZH.Kydaybergenova "A technique of training in language of children with limited opportunities" the prepared set of lectures for was planned in a subject and has been executed.


     On February 12, 2016 the regional seminar organized by faculty of primary education department of preschool education and defectology on the topic "Inclusive Education for Future Teachers" has been held. Methodologists of city department of education, specialists of the Shymkentdepartment of knowledge, specialists of institution Regional mental - medico-pedagogical consultation, the chief specialist with Shymkent mental- medico-pedagogical establishments of consultation, deputies for educational and educational work, directors of schools of the city of Shymkent of comprehensive school, logopedists, speech pathologists, teachers of higher educational institutions of problems of inclusive education have participated in a seminar.


     For participants of a seminar reports were made by the teachers introducing inclusive training in practice, the seminar has acquainted us with experience of realization of inclusive education, formed at us.

      During a seminar there was an exchange of opinions types of formation concerning persons with features in development in the course of education and the tolerant relation have been determined by topical issues of development of inclusive education.

     At the end of a seminar the dean of faculty of Primary education E.B. Orazbayeva and the manager of department of Preschool education and defectology Zh. A. Masaliyeva have handed to all participants certificates, participants have expressed gratitude for an exchange of necessary information, experience.