Bitabarov Ermek Abdimazhitovich head of department

1. Name: Bitabarov Ermek Abdimazhitovich

2. Education: higher

academic and academic degree: Candidate of Pedagogical sciences

professional qualification: Teacher of Physical Training

head of the department «Physical Training»

teaching disciplines: Physical Training

period of work in this organization: since 2014

3. Academic experience: 24 years at the higher school

Former working places:

·   September 1995 – August 1996 – teacher of “Pedagogics” department;

·   August 1996  – December 1996 г. teacher of “Pedagogics” department of the South Kazakhstan Auezov State University;

·   December 1996  – December 1999 – postgraduate at  the South Kazakhstan Auezov State University (full time);

·   January  2000  – August 2007 – the Senior lecture at the “General Pedagogics and etnopedagogics” department of the South Kazakhstan State University;

·   February 2013 г. – August 2014 the head of “Physical training for agricultural and law students” department of the South Kazakhstan State University.

· Since 2014, head of the Department of «Physical Training» of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University.

Full time or part-time: Full

4. Non academic experience: no

(Short description of the position)

5. Certificates on professional training and retraining with dates and professional registration:

Certificate on seminar participation: «Master class on Documentations preparation» Shymkent, 2014;

Certificate on seminar participation: «Accreditation and monitoring reporting» Shymkent, 2014.

6. Membership in professional organizations: no

7. Awards: Jubilee medal «80 years of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute».

8. Activity in Service Industry (outside and inside of the Institution): no

9. Short description of new professional, constructive working outs, authorship or co-authorship in scientific projects: no

10. Additional information: no