Kulbayev Seitbek

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    Kulbaev Seitbek

    Associate Professor, Department of Physical Culture and Initial Military Training, SKGPU

    Contact details


    Tel.: 8-701-766-21-71

    Scientific degree, scientific school:

    Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, specialty - 13.00.01 - General Pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education, ethnopedagogy.

    (Diploma No. 0007394 dated  22.10.2002 , protocol No.18)

    Associate Professor, specialty pedagogy, (Diploma No. 0004289 from 12/06/2003, protocol No.12).

    Research interests: innovative processes in the field of pedagogy, valeology, physical education and sports.


    Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named after M. Auezova, specialty: physical education teacher, graduation year 1989

    Courses taught: Courses taught: Theory and methodology of physical education, Introduction to the specialty of physical education, Age features of training in selected sports, National sports, Dene shynytyru zhne sports management.

    Examination of scientific projects, programs, etc.

    Member of the expert commission of the educational and methodical section of the faculty and examination test questions at the department of FC S.

    Professional experience:

    2015 to the present - Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Culture and Initial Military Training, SKGPU.

    From 2012 to 2015 - Deputy Director for Economics of the comprehensive higher sports school of the SKO.

    Since June 2012, the director of the boarding school for gifted children named after

    B. Sattarkhanova in SKO.

    2008 December 2009 June - Director of the regional center of physical education for children and adults.

    From 1998 to 2008 - the director of the regional school of Olympic training No. 3, from March 2008 - the head of the regional school No. 3.

    From 1996 to 1998, he was the director of the children's sports boarding school at SKO.

    1991-1996 - Head of the department of sports and physical education of the regional education department.

    1978-1991 lecturer at the College of Physical Education, then head of the department of Shymkent.

    1973-1978 teacher of a secondary school No. 7 named after K. Satpayev.

    Publications (favorites):

    -The physiological effect of physical education on preschoolers. Pp. 410-414 Materials of the international scientific-practical conference "SPIRITUAL PRODUCTION: NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM AND WORLD EXPERIENCE", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. Volume II Shymkent-2017

    - Technological processes in the education system. Pp. 243-246 Materials of the international scientific-practical conference "Art and Education in the Contemporary Political and Cultural Space". Shymkent-2018

    - Fundamentals of the formation of motor skills in children. Pp. 296-300 Materials of the international scientific-practical conference "Teacher’s creativity in the conditions of innovative education." Shymkent 2019

    - The values ​​of the future physical education in teacher training. PP 409-412 Materials of the international scientific-practical conference "Creativity of a teacher in an innovative education." Shymkent 2019


    Further training, internships:

    Refresher course at the State Enterprise "National Scientific and Practical Center of Physical Culture" 72h. Astana, 2012, 2015