Kulseitov Meldebек


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Kulseitov Meldebek The Republic

Senior lecturer in Physical education and basic military training,UCHPU

Contact details:

E-mail: meldebek_61@mail.ru


Mob.: 8-707-604-69-80


Research interests:

Education: innovative processes in the field of pedagogy and initial military training.

Courses taught:

-General military regulations of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

- Basics of initial military training

-Tactical training

- Bullet shooting

- Drill

- Military legislation

- Training of reserve officers

- Military medical training

-Fire training

Examination of scientific projects, programs, etc.


1980-1985-Semipalatinsk ZOOVET Institute, military Department.

Specialty: motor rifle platoon commander.

Military rank-captain»

Professional experience:

Professional experience:

Total work experience-35 years,

experience of scientific and pedagogical work-28 years.

 1985-1987 gg " Semipalatinsk "office Skateimpact" .- database Manager

 1987-1992" Shymkent regional civil defense headquarters".- Deputy head of Department

1992-1998-Shymkent pedagogical Institute-senior teacher of Civil defense

1995-1997-Shymkent pedagogical Institute-Deputy Dean of the faculty of chemistry and biology

From 1997 to 1998-MKTU "Shymkent Institute" - Vice-rector for educational work

1998-1999."Shymkent Institute" mctu-Deputy Dean of the faculty of chemistry and biology

1999-2004 g "Military Department" of the nice classification - senior lecturer

2005-2008 mctu "Shymkent Institute".-senior lecturer

2009-2018. "Aksukent multi-profile College" - senior teacher of NVP.

Since 2018-senior teacher of the Department of "Physical education and NVP" of SKSPU.

Publications (favorites):

<>--- SUPPORT OF THE NATIONAL SPIRIT AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF PEOPLES IN THE STEPPE-HISTORICAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Scientific and practical conference "New breath of the great Steppe".15.03.2019 G.