Jamankarayeva Madina Aldanovna  

Jamankarayeva Madina Aldanovna  

1. Education: Higher

    Academic degree: C. of Ph.-M. Sc.

    Professional qualification: Mathematician. Teacher

    Taught disciplines: Mathematics, mathematical analysis, differential equations

    Time, period of work in this organization:  5 years (since 2014)

2. Academic experience: КazChTI  since 1991, SKPU since 2003, SKHI since 2005, ShI IKTU since 2008, SKSPI since 2011, IHTU-since 2012, SKSPU since 2014.

3. Non-academic experience: no

4. Certificates of professional development with date or professional registration

Name of qualification course



Course «Foreign language for teachers of pedagogical specialties»

August 31, 2017.


№ 293

Course on the educational program of professional development of teachers of higher education institutions that train teachers in the framework of updating the content of secondary education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

May 3, 2019

Сертификат БЖ

№ 119712

Training seminar “Preparation of a report on self-assessment of a higher educational institution within the framework of institutional accreditation” Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

November 22, 2019



5. Membership in professional organizations: member of the Trade Union Committee

6. Awards and prizes: no

7. Activity in the services sector: no

8. The most important publications and presentations of the last five years – title, co-authors (if any), where published and / or presented, date of publication or presentation:

Publication name


Conference and journal title



Практическая сущность профессиональной компетентности учителя


Журнал Вестник Высшей школы.- Москва, 2018.-№ 10, С.38-41

Амирбекулы А.,

Кадирбаева Р.И.


Формирование профессиональной компетентности будущего педагога-математика в Казахстане


Научно-теоретический журнал РАО «Педагогика». – Москва, Россия. - №5, 2019. – С. 112-121.

Импакт-фактор РИНЦ 0,720.

Амирбекулы А.,

Кадирбаева Р.И.


Тhe development of the informational and communication subject environment for  the future mathematics teacher


Opción, Año 35, Especial No.23 (2019): 1023-1042 ISSN 1012-1587/ISSNe:2477-9385 (Scopus)

A. Amirbekuly2

R. Kadirbayeva3

B. Issabek4

A. Ibashova5


Application of the stochastic lattice model for describing

aggregation processes in the disperse systems flowing

through a tubular reactor


Journal Chemical Engineering Transactions- Vol.70, 2018. - P. 1933-1939.-

DOI: 10.3303/CET1870323

Rome, Italy.

ISI Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), Scopus.

(H index 8, Impact factor 1,03)


Musabekova L.M., Dausheyeva N.N., Zhumataev N.


Stochastic lattice model of aggregation in heterogeneous polydisperse media


Journal Chemical Engineering Transactions- Vol.60, 2017. - P. 79-84.- DOI: 10.3303/CET 1760014, Rome, Italy.

ISI Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), Scopus.

(H index 8, Impact factor 1,03)


Brener A.M.

Musabekova L.M


9. A brief listing of new professional, experimental development, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental development :



Supporting document


Member of the research group on the theme: AP05133461 «Formation of professional competence of future teachers of mathematics through the development of information and communication subject environments»

Contract No. 103 for grant financing from March 05, 2018


10. If there are additions, then you can indicate those important activities that are not marked in the list of resumes:

3 articles have been published on the Web of Science database, Hirsch index h = 1,

7 articles have been published on the Scopus database, Hirsch index h = 1.