Educational work

Upbringing work

  The upbringing work at the department of Physics and Mathematics is carried out in 8 directions:

         І. Organization and planning

         ІІ. Patriotic feelings

         ІІІ. Ethic education

         ІV. Social and interethnic education

         V. Legal education

         VІ. Healthy lifestyle

         VІІ. Support of youth's initiatives

         VІІІ. Information and propaganda work at youth communities 

    According to the schedule every week the tutorials are held by tutors of each academic group. They discuss issues of students’ behavior related to their academic performance and classroom attendance.  The students arranged events in these areas, development of creative abilities and multi-ethnic culture. The students participate in clubs and circle activities.



Passed KVN "Zhaydarman" between faculties



Educational hour devoted to holiday Day of Unity of Peoples ''Ынтымағы жарасқан, туған өлкем – Қазақстан''