Orazymbetova Kulzada Shabdanbekovna

Surname.Name.Father's Name: Orazymbetova Kulzada Shabdanbekovna

Year of birth: 04.03.1958

Nationality: Kazakh

Marital status: married

Citizenship: Republic Of Kazakhstan

Education: Higher-Tashkent state University, specialty "Teacher of psychology" 1980.

Academic degree, title: Candidate of philosophy

Place, year of protection: Tashkent state pedagogical Institute named after Nizami, 1989 April.

Speciality and cipher: 09 00 02-Social philosophy

Thesis: "the Role of social activity of the masses in accelerating Scientific and Technological Progress."

Scientific and pedagogical experience: 39 years

Work experience: 1980-1999 Zh. Zh. Shymkent state pedagogical Institute, 1999-2013. SKSU.M. Auezov, since 2013 - year SKSPU senior lecturer of the Department "Psychology»

The total number of educational and scientific works: 82

Disciplines taught (lectures, seminars)

1.Psychological service at school

2.Practical psychology

3.Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of personality

4.Experimental psychology

5.Developmental psychology, etc.


Year, place, specialty of professional development 2004-Almaty, Kazakh national University, 2011-Almaty, Kazakh national University, 2015-branch of the joint Stock Company "Orleu" of the National center for Advanced Training", refresher courses for teachers of pedagogical specialties of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 19.04-20.04.2017-lecture-seminar on "Project management of improving the quality of education", October 21-November 2, 2019. Psychological technologies of adaptation of students with special educational needs in the conditions of inclusion "peoples' friendship University. Academician A. Kuatbekov (Kazakhstan). National pedagogical University. M. P. Dragomanova. Faculty of psychology (Ukraine).