Abdramanova Nursulu Shermahanbetovna

Abdramanova Nursulu Shermahanbetovna

INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF________________________________________

Year and place of birth: 02.04.1985 RK, South Kazakhstan region, Arys

Nationality: Kazakh

 Семей marital status: married



 Высшее higher education: 2003-2007 South Kazakhstan State University. M. Auezova, Shymkent. Faculty: "physical Education and sports» 

 Specialty: Pedagogy and psychology

 Магистра master's degree: 2010-2012 South Kazakhstan State University. M. Auezova, Shymkent.

Specialty: "Pedagogy and psychology»


From 2007 to 2009: South Kazakhstan State University. M. Auezov

Position: prepodovatel

       From 2009 to 2017: South Kazakhstan State University. M. Auezov

Position: senior prepodavatel

From 2017 to 2019: South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University. Position: senior prepodavatel

  • I know how to establish contact and create trust.
  • I can understand. The ability to ask questions, ask closed and open questions, formulate and test hypotheses, translate General words into concrete facts.
  •   organizational, leadership skills, ability to interest and engage students, Emotional stability, stress resistance. Patience, kindness, sensitivity, love for students. The ability to use multimedia for training students.
  • Ability to work with a large amount of information, continuous improvement of educational level. Ability to resolve conflicts. Knowledge of age psychology, successful application in practice of various methods of education, development and training. I have a significant positive experience in the field of age-related preschool pedagogy and psychology, as well as a good level of knowledge in the field of child psychology, I know how to get along with older students, I can creatively approach interaction with them.


  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ________________________________________
  • Computer knowledge: experienced user. Knowledge of programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Ability to work with documents, contact people, motivate their actions, solve tasks, reach compromises in controversial situations. Ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY_________________________________________
  • High responsibility and fulfillment of the received obligations, Creative thinking, artistic taste, Readiness for self-education and training, inventive, active, purposeful, hardworking.
  • INTERESTS AND HOBBIES_________________________________________________
  •   singing, music, dancing, reading interesting books.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGES___________________________________________________________
  • Kazakh-native, Russian-fluent, English-with dictionary
  • ADDRESS AND CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS:_________________________________________
  • Of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, MKR. North-West, Uch. 5964
  • : 8702-901-32-22;  E-mail:nursulu_-_85@mail.ru