Turabay Nursultan Alnazarovich

1. Surname: Turabay Nursultan Alnazarovich

2. Education: higher

Academic degree: Master of Biology

Occupation: Biology teacher

Disciplines taught: Microbiology, Physiology of Microbiology, Cell Biology, Cytology and Histology.

Work experience in the organization: from the 2018-2019 academic year to the present

3. Academic experience: 1 year - University

From 2018-2019 He is a master at the Department of Biology SKGPU.

Disciplines taught: Full-time, Part-time: Full-time

4. Non-academic experience: company or legal entity, name,

brief information (full, partial) - no

5. Certificates / Certificates of professional development, Term, Professional registration: -

7. Remuneration and remuneration: -

8. Experience with service providers (inside the company, outside the office) - no

9. Important presentations and published articles, the last 5 years - names, authors, where they were published, presented, year of publication, date of presentation:

1) Environmental problems of the use of mineral fertilizers. Collection of scientific articles in the framework of the international scientific-practical conference "Modern educational trends, a look into the future" - Baytanaevsky readings-7:

2) Biological features of the heredity of helminthosporiosis - International conferences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3) Teaching aid for laboratory work in the discipline "Genetics and genetic engineering."

4) Training manual (botany, zoology).

5) Textbook for laboratory work in the discipline "Physiology of microorganisms."

10. Participation in the development, co-authorship, new professional projects, developments in the field of research and development - no

11. Additions, if important things are not mentioned in the CV, can be added: