Educational work

Group 111-15 and teacher Kulzhatayev K. conducted the open lesson on the theme “World’s great person” to 1st December, the day of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There were shown video materials and presentation slides, also lecturer and students read several reports.


Turn of duty in the dormitory. According to the November’s schedule of the duty, the cathedra teachers completed their duties in the dormitory №3 from 19.00 until 23.00. Any person on duty had to keep the dormitory clean and quite. Moreover, they had to be aware of students’ well-being by chatting with them. They were supposed to answer the questions about education. Furthermore, there were conducted lectures on different topics. Baymisheva A.Z. had a psychological training on the topic of “Me and my surrounding”. Students actively participated and expressed their feeling properly. The majority of students supported the idea of such kind of trainings and asked to organize them frequently.

3rd December of 2015, students of physics-mathematics faculty organized the concert named “Autumn Ball” dedicated to the ending og the autumn semester. The provost on student behavior, Baigutova A. opened the concert by wishing success to all students. This event was carried out as the competition.  By the end of the competition, there were nominations such as “The King of Autumn” and “The Queen of Autumn”.  There were various types of dance and endless number of songs. This event was organized in order to increase the number of active students in the university. The students of 111-15 ICT group were also involved into the event.

The faculty decided to organize the concert named “Tusau Keser” dedicated for the students of the first year and it was quiet interesting. The provost on student behavior, Baigutova A.  and  faculty dean Zhumabayev M.Z. opened concert by congratulating and wishing them luck in further education. In addition, during the concert, students were solemnly provided with student tickets and grade books.