Ramazanova Sara Akzamovna

Ramazanova Sara Akzamovna

2. Education: higher

academic and academic degree: candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor

professional qualifications: astronomer

disciplines taught: General Physics, Theoretical Physics, History of Physics and Astronomy

time period of work in this organization: from 1968 to the present

3. Academic experience: 47 years old - at the university, 1969-2014.

full-time or part-time: full-time

4. Non-academic experience: company or legal entity, name,

a brief description of the situation (full-time, part-time work) - no

5. Certificates / certificates of professional development indicating the date or professional registration: Certificate - passed the course of the seminar "E-government and electronic services" (09/12/2011)

6. Membership in professional organizations: trade union

7. Awards and prizes: Institute certificate

8. Activities in the service sector (within and outside the institution) - no

9. The most important publications and presentations, over the past five years - the title, co-authors (if any), where published and / or presented, date of publication or presentation:

1) To the question of the initial meridian of medieval Arab-speaking astronomers: In Sat. Materials of the scientific and practical republican conference on the 100th anniversary of M. Sarsembaev. SKSPU Shymkent 2013y

2) On the question of the astronomical instruments of the Muslim Middle Ages as objects of prototyping by forces: In the collection of materials of the international scientific-practical conference “Bektaev Readings-1: Information — The Future Development of Society”. SKGPI Shymkent 2014

3) Astronomy Nurly beine, Shymkent, 2014 y

5) Astrophysics Nurly beine, Shymkent, 2014 y

10. A brief listing of new professional, experimental development, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental development, no

11. If there are additions, then you can indicate those important activities that are not marked in the list of resumes: no