Parmanov Muhamat Kalaubaevich

Parmanov Muhamat Kalaubaevich

2. Education: higher

academic and academic degree: candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

professional qualifications: physics

disciplines taught: General Physics, Electronics

time period of work in this organization: from 2011 to the present

3. Academic experience: 32 years - at the university, 20 years - TashPMI, 5 years - Syrdaria, 3 years - MKTU, 2011 academic year to the present time SKGPI

full-time or part-time: full-time

4. Non-academic experience: company or legal entity, name,

a brief description of the situation (full-time, part-time work) - no

5. Certificates / certificates of professional development indicating the date or professional registration: Certificate "Oқytudyң interbelsendi іdіstemesі" - Atta seminar (03/12/2010)

6. Membership in professional organizations :: trade union

7. Awards and prizes: Institute certificate

8. Activities in the service sector (within and outside the institution) - no

9. The most important publications and presentations, over the past five years - the title, co-authors (if any), where published and / or presented, date of publication or presentation:

1) On the solvability of Klembl integrals in the case A = B = 2C: Report of the National Academy of Sciences No. 2 of 2014y.

2) Electric magnetism-I (lecturer of the journal) Shymkent 2010y.

3) Electric magnetism-II (lecturer Zhinaғy) Shymkent 2010y.

10. A brief listing of new professional, experimental development, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental development, no

11. If there are additions, then you can indicate those important activities that are not marked in the list of resumes: no