Materials of the international scientific-practical conference named

«EXPO – 2017: Informatization  – the future development of the society» Bektayev’s readings – 2

Report section. "Research in the field of informational technology" of the international scientific-practical conference

"EXPO - 2017: Informatization - the future development of the society" Bektayev's readings - 2 (February 24, 2016)

Moderator: Ph.D., Associate Professor A. Amirbekuly

Secretary: Kulzhataeva K.M.

Number of articles in the section of "Research in the field of Informational Technologies": 43

Geography of submitted articles: Shymkent - 32, Belarus 1, Almaty-4, Zhetisay - 2, Atyrau - 2, Taraz - 2.

The range of educational institutions: Universities - 33, specialized secondary schools - 4, secondary schools - 6.

On Kazakh language - 34, on Russian - 7, on English - 2.

Total number of participants: 25.

Number of reports: 14

Among them:

Amirbekuly A. "The purpose of the transformation of institutions of education to institutions of breeding " Bektayev E.K. "The future development of informational technologies", Sarsenbiyeva N.F. "The usage of interactional technologies in the education", Nalibayev K.K. "The importance of "Astana Expo-2017 "",Adylbekova E.T. "Ways to create automated automatic informational system", Lesbayev A.O. "Methods to solve complicated problems in ICT", Myrzakhanov Z.S. "Creation of e-learning materials as an interactive and multimedia applications", Odamanova G.P. «Approaches to use the features of Java Script and ways to create the animation".