Baymisheva Aiymhan senior teacher

1 Name:Baymisheva Aiymhan

2Education: high, informatics, KGU of Korkyt ata (2003) - specialty: the  information scientist, ENU of L. N. Gumilev (2008) - the master the information scientist.

Teaching subjects: informatics, Theory and practice of database design, Innovative technology in teaching computer science

2012 years from fun of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, the department of computer science and teachers.

3Academic experience:

2003. K.Ordinskiy reg., Shieliyskiy district, №181 innovative average school, teachers mathematics and computer science.

2004. Astana, the medical college teacher of Informatics, Head of Computer kabïnetov;

2005-2012g.g. ENU name.L.N.Gwmileva teacher Informatics, 2008. senior lecturer of the department of Informatics.

4 Non-academic experience:

5 Certificates or professional registration:

18.03-12.04.2013gg.: evidence from"NIS" Shymkent;

07.06.2014g. №0130746 certificate on professional development (2014г.) Almaty «Training center Orleu»;

06.02.2014г.  Certificate of the participant of the international scientific practical conference "Bektayevskiye Reading";

№003906  Certificate on accreditation.

6 Member of professional organizations:-

7 Awards and premiums: thanksgiving massage from rector South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute dedicated to the "Teacher's Day".

8.  Working in the sphere of services: doesn’t work.

9. The most important publications and presentations for the last five years:

1. "JavaScript" language for creating animations GX and JQuery library. October 19-20, 2012. Shymkent.

2. "The problem of synthesis of linear control systems" Czech Republic 2013.

3. "Managerial Accounting using and then digital technology modeling RAD" 2013.

4. "The use of technology flash opportunities in the educational process" 2013

5. "obobshennaya definition informaciy" Shymkent 2014 year.

6. "Strengthening the teaching of computer science educational units" Shymkent year 2014.

          10 Short list of new professional, experimental-designed elaborations, authorship or co-authorship in the scientific or in experimental-designed elaborations:

Research associate of financed scientific project of on the theme  " Mathematical modeling of technological processes of thread and textile fiber formation; their skim of a solid body." Baymisheva Ayimhan