Serikbaeva Fariza Basarbekovna

Full name: Serikbaeva Fariza Basarbekovna

Address: Shymkent, Republic Avenue 26-17

phone: 87786898192 87079898192


general information

Date of birth: January 30, 1992

 Nationality: Kazakh

Gender Female

Relationship status: Single

 Nationality: Republic of Kazakhstan


2013-2018 South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

2018 - Master of Physics


2009-2013 Bachelor of Physics, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute

-2016-2018 Regional University of Social and Social Innovation Master's degree in physics 6M011000 (not completed)

Computer skills

MS Office, email, work with all Internet browsers, Internet

Personal qualities

responsibility, versatility, exactingness, creative approach to tasks


reading books traveling