Educational work

Upbringing work

The upbringing work at the department of Physics and Mathematics is carried out in 8 directions:

І. Organization and planning

ІІ. Patriotic feelings

ІІІ. Ethic education

ІV. Social and interethnic education

V. Legal education

VІ. Healthy lifestyle

VІІ. Support of youth's initiatives

VІІІ. Information and propaganda work at youth communities 

VІІІ. Информационно-пропагандистская работа  в воспитании молодежи

Educational work

     Educational work at the Department of Physics is carried out jointly with students in the fields of public, spiritual, moral and aesthetic education, spiritual and moral education, environmental education of a healthy lifestyle, national spiritual and patriotic education, legal education.

Since the examination of organizational and organizational issues on the educational work of the Department of Physics .... 2019


  Excerpts from the organization of the youth faculty of physics in order to assist young people in acquiring skills for their personal and professional development, as well as in promoting the development of their abilities and personality, as well as actively participating in the public life of the region ... Supporting youth initiatives !!!

Youth team of the department of physics, head of the department Valikhanova Bayan Saparbekyzy

       "Science" refers to the type of human activity in education, systematization and verification. All knowledge does not belong to scientific knowledge, but is well tested and justified. Scientific knowledge does not deny traditional knowledge, they are both needed. Education becomes scientific knowledge only when it reaches a high level of development. In this regard, a scientific seminar was held at the Department of Physics, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Associate Professor Saraz Agzamovna Ramazanova, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Scientific seminar of Ramazanova Sara Agzamovna 2019

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                                                                      Main building 3 floor, auditorium 312



Akim Iskak with the head of the Department of Physics Valikhanova Bayan Saparbekovna.

Since the career guidance of teachers of the Department of Physics at SKGPU   

Teaching is a great place for a teacher to have a person in his life, respect for teachers, respect and respect for teachers.

     Interpretation of the profession and aspects of the profession. Teach a teacher to always appreciate his dignity. A teacher is kindness, love, affection, love of compassion. The teacher is the direct embodiment of the policy to improve the quality of education. He is a teacher who is responsible for honoring the state.

 The school propagandist of the civilizational policy of our state is a teacher. In a word, the teacher is a representative of the state. This is the landmark of our independent country, both in business and in words, in culture.


Excerpt from the teaching hour “Teacher is the heart of the school” October 2019


Excerpt from the event dedicated to Teacher's Day ... October 2019

Also, the Lotus Club was opened, organized by students of the department. The activities and directions of the club were presented during the event.

The main goal of the club is to encourage youth to unite, organize and work

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Active youth during the 2019 event

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The scene "Life" ... December 2019

According to the schedule every week the tutorials are held by tutors of each academic group. They discuss issues of students’ behavior related to their academic performance and classroom attendance.  The students arranged events in these areas, development of creative abilities and multi-ethnic culture. The students participate in clubs and circle activities. Traditional event as the gala-concert dedicated to teachers’ day, «Dedication to freshmen» and  «Autumn Ball».

Tutorial  «State language unites all people of Kazakhstan»​

Tutorial dedicated to the Family’s  Day

Tutorial dedicated to the Teachers’ Day

Demonstration tutorial dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory  Day

Faculty Dean, teachers and students are discussing N.A.Nazarbayev’s «Nation plan is 100 concrete steps»

Meeting with the academician of Natural sciences, Professor of Abay’s Kazakh National pedagogical University, head of the department M.K.Kulbek​