Responsibilities of audience attendants during and commission testing

Responsibilities of audience attendants during testing
1. During testing, the duty officer launches students only with an identity document and a record book;
2. During testing, the duty officer is obliged to monitor compliance with the rules of students and obtain an honest assessment;
3. During testing, the person on duty, having discovered dubious documents of students, must immediately inform the members of the commissions and employees of the testing center;
4. During testing, the duty officer entrusted to him in the audience must comply with the rules of the testing center;
5. During testing, if in the tests there is no correct answer or an incorrect question, the person on duty gives students the opportunity to write down these questions;
6. During testing, if the question is incorrect, the duty officer must record the name, group, discipline of the student;
7. During testing, the attendant prohibits unauthorized persons from entering the audience, except for members of the commissions, employees of the testing center and test persons;
8. During testing, prohibit the test person from using cheat sheets, a cell phone, removable media, etc., of all prohibited items that affect testing, and also not allow assistance from others;
9. During testing, in case of violations of the use of prohibited items or other violations, the person on duty draws up an act of cancellation of the student's grades;
10. During testing, the person on duty monitors the filling of the journal for students with a full name, group, discipline, signature and ball;
11. During testing, attendants are strictly forbidden to leave the audience unattended;
12. During testing, if a fact is discovered, instead of the assigned student, the test takes another person immediately draw up an act of violations to two violators;
13. During testing, if it turns out that the attendant deliberately ignored the authenticity of the document on the identity of the student, the attendant will incur appropriate punishments from the university administrations;
14. During testing, if the attendant shows negligence and commits all the listed violations for one reason or another, then he will incur the appropriate punishment from the university administrations.
Duties of the members of the testing center commission
1. During testing, the members of the commissions check the readiness of audiences, computers, network connections, software, attendants;
2. During testing, the members of the commissions are obliged to consider and make the right decision in unforeseen situations (removing a student from the test according to the act for the use of directories, cheat sheets, cell phones, etc., the application of appropriate administrative measures to duty officers who did not fulfill their duties according to requirements);
3. During testing, exemption from testing of patients with poor health of students and confirmation of their illness;
4. During testing, monitor and control the duties of duty officers to prevent violations by all persons;
5. During testing, consider students' appeals on incorrect test questions;
6. During testing, on students' appeals, request a protocol for reviewing the preparation of test questions from the teacher;
7. During testing, the teacher responsible for testing in case of incorrect preparation of test questions should write an explanatory statement on the basis of the appeal statement, prepare a protocol in favor of the student and provide a written message to the vice-rector for educational and methodical work.