The main purpose of the center

  1. - Implementation of the University's quality policy and objectives;
    - Ensuring the maintenance of all documents in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system;
    - Ensuring the smooth operation of the program " Univer»;
    - Requirements to the number of credits of test questions of students in the subjects for which the current and midterm control is given, and the content of test tasks to the requirements of the competence model of specialist training;
    - Organization and evaluation of knowledge on the credit system of training in accordance with the schedule of the educational process;
    - Control over the correct and timely inclusion in the program "Univer" list of student groups, students and disciplines;
    - Improvement of the work of the Centre, if possible, of the "Univer" programme»;
    - Conducting examinations in the form of testing, organization and control of knowledge at a high level;
    - Control over the timely implementation of testing, acceptance;
    - During the session of the Commission, a high level of responsibility for the performance of duties is required of the teaching staff;
    - Control over the timely appearance of students for periodic examinations and examinations in accordance with the approved schedule and the availability of necessary documents;
    - Control, control over the high level of external and behavioral culture of students during the session in the test center;
    - Control the high level of discipline in the computer labs and the integrity of the assets and facilities of the University;
    - Control over the intended use of a set of technical means, requirements.
    For students and parents created conditions for obtaining information about the status and level of performance through personal login passwords.