Seralieva Ulbosyn Orynbasarovna


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Seralieva Ulbosyn Orynbasarovna

Phone number: 87029830866


The academic degree of MASTER of Pedagogical  Sciences in specialty  6M010300-Pedagogics and Psychology.


Scientific interests: innovative processes in the field of pedagogy, psychology, the basics of life safety and physical education and sports.


Education: 1986-1991 Kazakh chemical-technological Institute, Shymkent. From 2013 to 2015 master's degree in Pedagogy and Psychology»

          In the period from 2017 to 2019 she graduated from the faculty of " Physical culture and sports "of Shymkent University with a degree in"Physical culture and sports".


Courses taught: Fundamentals of Life Safety


Work experience: from 1991 to 2000 teacher of the kindergarten "Baldauren" Shymkent

2001-laboratory assistant of the Department "Ecology"of Chimkent Institute Of the international Kazakh-Turkish University. A. Yassawi

In 2008, a teacher of the Department of "Sports disciplines" of the academic innovation University.

2011 teacher of the Department "Sports disciplines" of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute.       2014 senior lecturer of the Department "Theory and methodology of physical education" of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute.


Publications: 1 textbook, 15 collections of lectures, 33 guidelines, 57 scientific articles.

Information about professional development:

Certificate of JSC " national center for advanced training "Orleu" № 0129765 08.04.2014 -26.04.2014 Almaty

          Tutor training: Certificate No. 00202, 11.03-27.03.2015 g Turkestan

Springer certificate "SpringerLink User Training" 17.06.2015 W

This is to certify that the English language at Beginner Level W 11.04.2016

Kazakhstan Academy of pedagogical Sciences.Certificate No. ZhM-0026 19-20. 04. Two thousand seventeen

          Certificate of JSC national center for advanced training "Orleu" №0280416 08.04.2018 -26.5.2018


Professional skills: office programs, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Exel, etc.

Languages ​​spoken: Kazakh, Russian, English